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Roomba 860 Robot

Roomba 860 iRobot Vacuum Review

Is it time to look for help with your cleaning duties? Well, the robot vacuum revolution has started and has been going strong for the past few years. Plus there are lots of different brands and models to choose nowadays. It can make picking the right one baffling at times. Today is a Roomba 860 […]

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Roomba 805 robotic vacuum

Roomba 805 iRobot Vacuum Review

The world of home robotic vacuum cleaning has moved on massively over the past few years. With this, it has sparked competition by the leading brands, and this has produced lots of different kinds and varieties into the marketplace. With this rapid pace of interest, that’s now reflexing in the price of these devices, as […]

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Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair 2019 – Make the Right Choice!

Having pets is an incredible experience, but they can be a lot of work to maintain. Walks, food, and attention can be enough already, but when it comes to cleaning up after them, all bets are off. Pet hair is one of the more annoying aspects of animal ownership, mainly because it’s a constant in […]

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Vacuum for Pet Hair in Car

5 Best Car Vacuum For Pet Hair – Complete Guide and Reviews

Chances are that you own a pet and sometimes you may want to take a ride with it in your car. A lot of the time our pets particularly dogs, can shed a lot of hair on the seats  and this can mean you will have to vacuum, clean, and vacuum your car again before […]

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Best Roomba For Pet Hair

What’s the Best Roomba for Pet Hair 2019

Having pets is a satisfying and rewarding experience, but cleaning up their hair and fur can be the exact opposite. While we love Fluffy, we sometimes wish that she wasn’t so, you know, fluffy. If pet hair is a constant issue in your house, then you’re probably tired of having to sweep and vacuum all […]

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Best Vacuum for Fleas

Best Vacuum for Fleas in 2019 (Reviews & Guide)

Fleas are a standard part of life in many areas of the world. Anytime we venture outside we may be exposed to them. From encounters with bush, animals, pets, and other places where fleas may be residing we too can become a carrier for them. When we are, then we have the misfortune of bringing […]

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