Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Review

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Review

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If you are currently in the process of looking to buy a new vacuum for your home, and maybe are finding it difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. So, today we are going to look at the Soniclean soft carpet vacuum. This is a specially designed vacuum with its main task being able to handle this type of high pile carpet. So hopefully we can narrow down the search for you a little bit. This Soniclean sfc- 7000 is a reliable home vacuum that may be the one that you are looking for. Moreover, maybe if it's not can give you a better idea and understanding of what you need to look for in a quality vacuum.

 Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

We take a close up look at this Soniclean sfc-7000 and see what features it has and the pros and cons to owning one. Along with other brands like Miele and Hoover models to see how they compare with the Soniclean soft carpet vacuum. We can take a look at the different types of carpet that this Soniclean sfc-7000 can be used. Also, cover many concerns and questions regarding this vacuum before making a buying choice. So let get started and take a closer look at what the Soniclean has to offer!

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Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable vent system
  • Sonicleaning technology
  • Brush roll and wheels
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Jam protection
  • Sonic Fresh fragrance pods
  • Great for a variety of flooring materials including carpets and rugs

Who Is Soniclean sfc-7000 Made For?

This Soniclean sfc-7000 vacuum is for just about anyone who needs a consistent, reliable machine to clean their home. This particular model is perfect for soft and high pile carpet fibers. However, you can also use a variety of different flooring including hardwood and tile floors.

What is Considered High-Pile Carpet?

A vacuum the is designed to deal mainly with high-pile or soft carpet, so what's the difference you may ask? basically a carpet is classed as high pile when the fibers are more loose and a lot taller. The pile length is how long the carpet yarn is and the pile height is from the surface to the base of the carpet. So a carpet that has shorter fibers and tighter knit/loops is called low pile carpet. With this in mind if the type of carpet you buy is high pile which is more of an expensive, luxurious type including shag rug.

They can start to cause problems with your vacuum's beater bar and could end up damaging the carpet. Therefore more consideration needs to be taken when choosing one so for these types of carpets.

Carpet Types For A Soniclean sfc-7000 

So let's explain in a bit more detail on carpets types that fall into the style of soft carpet. Moreover, what reason we would need a specialist vacuum to clean them. carpet has names like long shag, high-pile, and plush they are much thicker than regular conventional carpets. That's not just in there construction also in how they manufacture them. Let 's take a look at a few examples.

Tigressa Carpet

This carpet has nylon fibers which are 75% finer than traditional high pile carpet, making it plush for a carpet. So with thousands of micro strands making up the base of this carpet. It is designed using resources that package be recycled and also green which is a bonus for keeping the planet clean.

Mohawk Smart Silk Carpet

The Mohawk is another high-end carpet using smart-strand design technology made with PTT polymer fibers. Which ensures a carpet, that's durable and stain free to a certain extent. Also eco-friendly, they recycle over 3 billion plastic bottles per year. They tested this smart-strand-silk  carpet with a Rhino called max to test its durability.

Why Do Most Vacuum's Struggle With High Pile Carpet?

With most, let's call them standard vacuums on the market today they are not designed to handle the types of carpets we are looking at here which are the high pile carpet materials. Also, to be fair these vacuum's find it difficult to deal with the thickness of these carpets, and this is what happens when working on a carpet.

So for a vacuum not designed for this type of fiber, and thickness of carpet to work, It can cause fraying and the carpet yarns to go fuzzy. This type of vacuum can damage the carpet due to getting bogged down in the thick carpet, which means its struggles with the pile of the carpet.

Why Soniclean sfc-7000 Performs Better on These Types Of Carpet?

To clean a premium carpet, you are looking for 3 main cleaning features from your vacuum, to be able to lift the dust and dirt from you carpet. The Soniclean sfc-7000 has these features and more.

1. Adjustable height setting.
2. Rotating brushes
3. Sufficient air flow to lift the dust and dirt from you carpet

What makes this Soniclean sfc-7000 vacuum good for high pile carpet, is its ability to not sink into the thickest of carpet due to having oversized rubber wheels. It like vacuuming with snowshoes on, this method allows the Soniclean sfc-7000 to make easy work of the densest of carpet. It can glide over the thick carpet without a problem.

Pulses and Vibrates.

The Soniclean sfc-7000 system has a sort of sonic pulsing/vibrating motion. Which as its working on your carpet, it kind of drums and vibrates deep into the carpet this method helps removes the dirt out of it and is effective on this kind of carpet, this is very noticeable when you clean your high-pile or soft carpet with this vacuum

Direct Air Feature

What is Direct Air?
This Soniclean sfc 7000 has a Paramagnetic digital motor which is controlled and has two suction options/settings which you can use for either carpet or hardwood floors. These digital two speeds are for deep cleaning or regular cleaning mode. The Soniclean sfc 7000 does not need height adjustment as this is done automatically, it has air intake at the front of the vacuum that can be adjusted to open/closed or somewhere in between. This can make it either easier or harder to push the Soniclean sfc 7000 soft carpet upright vacuum when using it.

The ease of use of the Soniclean sfc 7000 due to it being lightweight and the easy way it glides over your carpet makes it an ideal choice for people who suffer from back problems or have difficulties lifting or pushing heavy objects. It's also handy on areas of carpet that receive a lot of foot traffic. This new motor technology which uses 50% less energy than most full-size vacuums, can save money on electric and is greener for the environment.

Noise Level

Depending on which cleaning mode you vacuum with can affect how loud the Soniclean sfc 7000 is, I can say now in the deep cleaning mode the vacuum is quite loud. However, it is 50% quieter in normal cleaning mode, which is what you would be using most of the time.

HEPA Filter And Fragrance Pods

This Soniclean sfc 7000 soft carpet upright vacuum uses sealed HEPA filtration bags to keep debris stored nice and tightly within your vacuum. It also has the advanced jamming protection that can automatically shut down your vacuum when it blocks. You can also attach a Soniclean sfc 7000 fragrance pods to your vacuum so that you can leave the scent of clean laundry everywhere that you clean which is a cool idea.

The capacity of the filter bags is around 7.5 liters approximately, which can regularly last with general use around 6-8 weeks. The downside is the HEPA filter does not come with this Soniclean sfc 7000 which is disappointing. However, you can purchase separately. Which if you suffered from any allergies do know this is a great addition to have. There is also these fragrance Pods you can get as an extra for the Soniclean sfc 7000 which are called Sonicfresh fragrance dispensers.

Why Soniclean Has No Attachments /Tools

This model does not come with attachments so when you want to clean the stairs carpet. It can be a bit cumbersome to maneuver around, so the options are to look at the [difference models that come with attachments] Alternatively the option of using a cheaper shop vac type of vacuum as most upright vacuums available don't work particularly well on stairs. So use whatever you used before. A suction-only tool is ideal.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner/Canister Combo

There is a combo package they have on Special Offer. which has an extra canister vacuum included which has the toolkit with it and comprises of natural bristle floor tool, upholstery tool, dusting tool, crevice tool, and telescopic wand. Also, this canister extra has HEPA supplied. A limited time offer, so don't expect the offer to be there indefinitely.

Soniclean sfc-7000 Warranty

Yes, it does, one year warranty on parts, and five years on the motor. With the option to extend this for an extra cost. You can also get spare parts for this Soniclean sfc 7000 soft carpet upright vacuum. Moreover, their customer service is pretty good, which is something to look out for if you were choosing a branded product, because it was slightly more comfortable contacting the company if you have any problems with this Soniclean sfc 7000.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Features

What are some of the unique and helpful features that this Soniclean sfc 7000 offers? Here just a few more:

Adjustable Vent System

The adjustable vent system on this Soniclean sfc-7000 is one of a kind. With the adjustable vent system, you can quickly change the setting of your vent to make it suitable for any carpet or surface. Whether you have an ultra-soft, 100-ounce carpet in your home or if you want to adjust it to clean up your tile, wood or laminate Floor, this Soniclean sfc 7000 can handle the job. You can adjust it to treat each of those surfaces with the care and cleaning capacity that they need.

Roll System and Wheels

The brush roll system and wheels on this vacuum are another great points to highlight. The sonic bar and the brush roll increase the finesse and performance to make it even more gently on your carpet and rugs. The brush is equipped with soft, nylon bristles that give you the ability to clean your carpet without damaging it. The wheels on this Soniclean sfc-7000 are over-molded and can glide across your carpet so that you can clean it quickly and thoroughly. There is a additional brush that can be added to the vacuum.  Soniclean Canister Turbo Carpet Brush

Soniclean sfc-7000 Technology

Another aspect of this vacuum that separates it from the pack is that it comes fully-loaded with Soniclean sfc-7000 patented technology. This vacuum uses the power of 12,000 vibrations per minute to loosen up deeply embedded dirt that has been lying dormant in your carpet. The vibrations give you the power to dislodge that stubborn debris so that you can suck it right up with your vacuum.

Soniclean sfc-7000 Works on All Types of Flooring

It would be kind of inconvenient to have more than one vacuum in your house so that you had different vacuums for different types of surfaces. Fortunately, this Soniclean sfc-7000 is your all-in-one solution. The softness of the bristles, wheels, and roller with the power of the sonic bar and the suction capabilities of this vacuum make it the perfect cleaning tool for all types of flooring. You can even adjust your vacuum to be more suitable for soft or firmer carpet, and hard flooring surfaces


  • This vacuum has an adjustable vent system which makes cleaning any type of floor easier.
  • It uses patented Sonicleaning technology to shake deeply embedded dirt out of your carpet
  • The brush roll and wheels make this vacuum ideal for soft surfaces
  • It uses a sealed HEPA filtration system to keep debris sealed tightly
  • This model uses jam protection to protect it from damage
  • The Sonic Fresh fragrance pods to freshen up your carpet
  • This vacuum isn’t just great for carpet materials, you can use it safely on a variety of different surfaces.


  • Unfortunately, this vacuum does not come with any extensions or attachments that you can use for nooks, crannies, furniture, etc.
  • Not as powerful as other vacuums in the same price range

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do it come with bags?

A. Yes, but not HEPA you will need buy these.

Q. Where do you buy vacuum bags for the Soniclean sfc-7000

A. Any outlet that sells them we have links above.

Q. How long is the cord?

A. The cord is 35 feet long.


All around, this Soniclean sfc-7000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful vacuum that is ideal for your carpet use.

It is also great for using on harder floor surfaces but doesn’t rank the best when it comes to firmer or thicker carpet. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a hose or any attachments, so it is designed strictly as a soft carpet floor cleaning vacuum.

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