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Best Shop Vac

10 Best Shop Vac Reviews of 2018 (Complete Guide)

When it comes to cleaning your home, you likely rely on your standard upright or canister vacuum to ensure that your carpets and floors are looking their best. But what about your garage or car? If you’ve ever tried to use your upright for concrete or other outdoor surfaces, you probably found that it wasn’t […]

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best shop vac for woodworking

Best Shop Vac For Woodworking (Complete Guide with Top Picks)

Woodworking is a wonderful hobby or profession, but unfortunately you can make a pretty large mess when working with wood. After you are finished, you may have sawdust, wood chips and wet and dry materials that you are going to need to clean up when you are done working. That is what makes finding the […]

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best portable shop vac

Best Portable Shop Vac in 2018 – Reviews and Complete Guide

You don’t always need the biggest and the baddest vacuum to make sure that you can clean up a mess effectively. In fact, sometimes you need something a little more compact so that you can clean up small areas like your workshop, workspace, garage or vehicle. It can be much easier for small cleaning jobs […]

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Best Wall Mount Shop Vac

5 Best Wall Mount Shop Vac Reviews [Complete Guide]

A shop vac is an essential component in any private workspace. Whether you work with wood, metal, or automobiles, your shop vac is your quick and easy way to clean up debris after a job or the occasional accidental spill. The general problem with most traditional shop vacs though is the amount of space they […]

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best shop vac for car

5 Best Shop Vac For Car Reviews [Complete Guide]

Vacuuming your car is a periodic chore that requires the right tools to get it done fast and efficiently. Some of us need more vacuum than others to accomplish this, particularly if your car tends to get dirty fast. Maybe you are a general contractor and frequently need to vacuum the accumulated dirt and debris […]

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Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection

5 Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection Reviews [Complete Guide]

When looking for a high-quality vacuum, you will probably want something that can handle a wide variety of messes. For that reason, shop vacuums are ideal because they can pick up almost anything and keep on working. Whether you need one to clean up after working in the garage, or you want a quick and […]

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Best Small Shop Vac

5 Best Small Shop Vac Reviews [Complete Guide]

Not everyone needs a massively powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner in their garage or workshop. Sometimes, depending on your hobbies, you just need something that can do a shop-vac wet/dry job in a less-than-traditionally-sized shop-vac package. This is particularly true if storage space is an issue, or if the area that needs regular vacuuming is very […]

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