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Roomba 805 iRobot Vacuum Review

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The world of home robotic vacuum cleaning has moved on massively over the past few years. With this, it has sparked competition by the leading brands, and this has produced lots of different kinds and varieties into the marketplace. With this rapid pace of interest, that's now reflexing in the price of these devices, as they currently are starting to decrease.

The pioneers of this robot growth and brand leader are iRobot Roomba; moreover, they have set the pace with lots of models now available to choose. Today we are going to take a close look at just one of these models the iRobot Roomba 805. We'll cover in this roomba 805 review its best features, including what has changed against some of the newer models now available.

 iRobot Roomba 805

iRobot Roomba 805 Review

Let's start with a quick overview of the irobot roomba 805 by looking at its pros and cons, before we take an in-depth look and what role it can perform in your home. Including the many features and functions that this iRobot 805 has to offer.


  • The design of this iRobot 805 is small and compact which is ideally suited to clean effectively in all areas difficult to reach with standard vacuum cleaners. Particular useful under furniture and around chairs
  • Being easy to operate is essential to lots of users and this iRobot 805 works simply by pressing a button. It does have options to schedule a clean which can be programmed at planned runtimes as required.
  • Depending on your floor type this Roomba can make the necessary adjustments for hard floors to carpet with ease.
  • Its lithium-ion battery still lasts long enough to complete general cleaning tasks.


  • It's not the latest Roomba model so does not have WiFi and mapping planning features that many newer models now have.
  • The battery is an older model compared to some of the newer versions.

Overview of the Roomba 805

Don't dismiss some of the early iRobot models the Roomba 805 is a typical example of this with some great features. These main areas are its AeroForce System for cleaning, and it's 5x extra suction power delivered this against the 600 and 700 series, which enables this robot to clean more effectively.

It is also easy to operate with one button, so no complicated instruction manuals with this model. This iRobot Roomba 805 has a slimline design and look, and is excellent for gliding under hard to reach areas in your home.

The Smart cleaning features make sure the Roomba does not fall down stairs by using virtual barriers, which will stop it entering areas of the home you don't need it too. You can schedule a cleaning routine with the iRobot 805 up to 7 times per week. This data is stored in its memory by the Roomba and will then run by just pressing the CLEAN button.

roomba 805 reviews & Key Features

iRobot roomba 805 vacuum cleaning robot

Let's now dig deeper into the key features that this irobot 805 has to offer. It's not the latest irobot roomba 805 vacuum cleaning robot model available to buy today but remains a powerful device for cleaning your home. Therefore if you are a pet owner or have difficulties with allergies, this model will work exceptionally well.

iAdapt Navigation

The Roomba has used this system for navigating since 2002, and this first generation iAdapt is still used in most models except a few that use the iAdapt 2 systems which are the 960 and 890 models. This kind of navigation enables the Roomba 805 to move around the floor space by utilizing this technology.

With its built-in sensors, the Roomba can safely avoid obstacles like furniture and floor debris such as kids toys. It doesn't learn the floor layout; it just navigates around it. Note: This floor layout learning process is now available on later Roomba models.

AeroForce Cleaning System

The irobot 805 uses the AeroForce cleaning system which is a three process method of cleaning. It uses two kinds of cleaning brushes, firstly one loosens the dust and dirt, while the second brushes work to remove it, with help from powerful suction from the cleaning heads. The AeroForce system also uses dirt detection technology, with built-in sensors, it can identify areas of the floor that have more dirt present.

It can then focus on those areas which is useful in high traffic areas inside your home. The multi Surface brushes are skillful at detecting changing in surface areas and will adjust accordingly, making the switch between hard floor areas to carpet a smooth one for the iRobot 805 to make.

Edge-Sweeping Brush

The smart sensors that the AeroForce includes allow the sweeping brushes to get up close to wall edges and kickboards. The angle of the Edge-Sweeping brushes are designed at 27° degree angle, which allows the dirt to be shifted away from the walls, this ensures that the Roomba 805 doesn't leave dust and pet danglers around the edges of the room.

Stopping damaging the Roomba

Cleaning Schedule

This feature lets you program up to 7 settings so enabling the Roomba 805 to clean anytime that suit your daily routines. These settings allow you to select how often you want it to clean. Can be done if you are at home or if you are out at work if you have preset the device beforehand (note: it would have to be set up at home first for this to work, later models can be controlled remotely by APP and smartphones). The good thing with this iRobot Roomba 805 model, it will also return to docking station after it finished cleaning.

Virtual Wall Barriers

The concept of how to stop the Roomba going into areas of the home you don't want or need it to is by using virtual wall barriers. Those devices are placed in doorways or openings up to 10ft wide. The virtual barriers work by having an invisible cone ring, which sends pulses to the robot to keep it away from these areas.

roomba 805 virtual wall_1
Roomba 805 Virtual wall_2

If your home is on multi-levels and you have steps or stairs, these barriers will not only stop the Roomba 805 from entering these areas, and it will also stop possibly damaging the Roomba due to tumbling downstairs. These devices are battery operated, and due to only having to transmit a signal, they will last a long time.

Battery Power Performance

A few points here regarding the battery on this 805. It's a lithium-ion battery which is excellent at holding and releasing the charge, this allows longer runtimes of the device and also makes it quicker when it needs to recharge. The cleaning time is around 60 to 120 minutes depending on what type of floor surfaces its cleaning.

It will be longer on hard floors, and less time on carpets before it needs to return to the charging station to recharge. This iRobot Roomba 805 will return to the charging dock on its own when the battery starts getting low However it cannot resume cleaning after recharging which is available on later models.

AeroForce High-Efficiency filter

If you have allergies and keep pets at home, and may struggle with the vacuum dust and particles, then the good news is the Roomba 805 has the AeroForce high-Efficiency filter included. It will prevent allergens dust particles and pollen, down to 10 microns and is effective up to 99% of the time. How long the filter will last before it needs changing will depend on a few factors.

Firstly is how much you use it, and then how you maintain the filter. Particular filters can be washed and reused once thoroughly dry. Alternatively, you can buy replacement filters. It is suggested to clean the waste bin after every clean to maintain the irobot 805 for the best performance.

Roomba 805 How Does It Perform?

Floor Surfaces

The Roomba 805 is ideally suited to hard floor surfaces, with the iRobot brush system it allows the device to clean up to the edges and with the 27° degree brush design will deal with any tricky corners and kickboards. The adjustable brush heads will move between hardwood floor and carpet easily. However, if the carpet is thick, it may struggle more to handle this cleaning with the process being a lot slower, yet with low pile types of carpet, it will operate fine.

roomba on pet hair

Dealing With Pets Hair

This Roomba 805 is ideal for eliminating all pet hair, from dogs or cats. It's due to the lightweight nature of most pet hairs and danglers. Making light work for the robot to sucking this away quickly. Through emptying the waste bin regularly, you can see the amount of pet hair collected by the irobot 805. And with the AeroForce high-Efficiency filter you have an excellent combination for vacuuming weekly and keeping the pet hair in the home under control.

Final Thoughts on Roomba 805 Review

What Features Does The Roomba 805 Have?

The irobot 805 has a track record which in itself has its benefits, and it's been around a few years. It has AeroForce cleaning with high-efficiency filter, so will capture allergens, dust, and dirt, and works particularly well with pet hair and human hair too. If you are affected by pollens and airborne dust, it will remove 99% while using the device. It cleans well on hard floors and will adjust to the carpet without a problem. Although it's not the best robot with high-pile type carpet and rug.

The iRobot 805 can navigate obstacles such as furniture and will go under sofas and out of reach areas with its low profile design. With a virtual wall system, it will not get damaged by falling from steps or stairs and can be stopped from entering room or areas you don't need it to go. The battery life is good 60 minutes average runtime, and then it will return to the docking station to recharge.

What Features Doesn't The Roomba 805 Have?

Most modern Roomba robots vacuums are now using smartphones and APPs to help control and schedule the robotic devices. They also use smart technology for mapping out the areas to be cleaned so they can clean the room the most efficient way. There can also learn each time they clean and improve each time they perform the job. The iRobot Roomba 805 will return to the dock to recharge.

The advanced new Roomba models have the option to resume cleaning after recharging. It doesn't have a mopping feature and can only sweep, again some models can now do both. So these are some of the features the Roomba 805 doesn't have the question is, do you need them?

What Do Buyers Think Of The Roomba 805?

Users who bought the irobot 805 said to watch out for extension cords, and it was advised to move the wire safely out of the way before cleaning with the Roomba 805. It was said that is was purchased as a novelty to start with, and the dogs loved it! But now they wouldn't do without it. Just a few roomba 805 reviews

 Some roomba 805 reviews stated it sometimes get lost and confused, but the pet owners who used this said that it was great and daily scheduling the Roomba 805 meant they noticed their homes looked a lot cleaner. It was said how the dustbin needing emptying every clean was a sure sign of how well they worked. Overall most were happy with the performance of the device.

What are Roomba 805 alternatives?

If you are looking for something higher spec than the iRobot Roomba 805, you may want to consider the Roomba 860 it has many of the same features as the 805, with a few notable differences. The sensors on the 860 are better at detecting dirt and pet hair due to the advanced abilities of the iAdapt Navigation system.

 Also, the weight of this device is considerably less by nearly four pounds. It has better overall cleaning performance so would just edge it, if choosing between the two robots. We have a comparison between the iRobot Roomba 860 vs 880 models.

Other options

If you think you need phone APP technology and tracking data via smartphone would be the Roomba 890 or 980 Roomba models These models are compatible with Amazon's Alexa and google assistant. Therefore you need to decide is this a requirement you need?

So basically if looking at your wants and budget on how much to spend on a robot vacuum cleaner, these are significant considerations when choosing the right device for you and your home. We have reviewed the iRobot Roomba 860.

iRobot Roomba 805 - Questions & Answers

Q - Does Roomba 805 have WiFi?
A - There is No WiFi available for the Roomba 805 this being an early model connecting over WiFi with a smartphone or APP is not possible.
Q - How much is a Roomba 805?
A - The Cost today of iRobot Roomba 805 from Amazon $399.91 with 8% off would be a saving of $30. The total would be $369.91
Q - How long does Roomba 805 take to charge?
A - Charging time on the Roomba 805 is at least 120 minutes under normal conditions when using the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery supplied, then can be used immediately.
Q - How long will a Roomba last?
A - 60 minutes on a full charge, Once fully charged and the green light is on the Roomba will clean for its full cycle on a full charge.
Q - How does the Roomba 805 do on pet hair?
A - Great, I was surprised. I have a helper every week and a central vac. Set Roomba 805 to do just the family room. Picked up about 1 dust cup of dog hair and she was here 3 days ago!
Q - Does the filter change easily?
A - very easy

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