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Roomba 860 VS 880

Comparing the Roomba 860 vs 880 : How Different are They?

A good robotic vacuum cleaner is an investment that requires some forethought and consideration. Like most household appliances intended for long term use, you shouldn’t rush into your robotic vacuum purchase. You don’t want to buy less than you need in terms of features and power, but you want to avoid overspending. iRobot is the […]

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Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair in 2018 – Make the Right Choice!

Having pets is an incredible experience, but they can be a lot of work to maintain. Walks, food, and attention can be enough already, but when it comes to cleaning up after them, all bets are off. Pet hair is one of the more annoying aspects of animal ownership, mainly because it’s a constant in […]

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Best Roomba For Pet Hair

What’s the Best Roomba for Pet Hair in 2018? (Top Models Reviewed)

​Having pets is a satisfying and rewarding experience, but cleaning up their hair is the exact opposite. While we love Fluffy, we sometimes wish that she wasn’t so, you know, fluffy.​If pet hair is a constant issue in your house, then you’re probably tired of having to sweep and vacuum all the time to keep […]

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Best Roomba For Carpet

Best Roomba For Carpet in 2018 – Top Picks and Reviews

In 2018, robots are taking over. Not in the scary, sci-fi movie kind of way, but they are increasingly prominent in everyday life. Autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and expanding use of drones are becoming very normal. Along with these great inventions, Roombas are everyone’s go-to maid, carpet and floor cleaner now. Too tired […]

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Best Robot Vacuum

The Best Robot Vacuum in 2018 (Complete Guide)

​In general, most people do not enjoy the common household chore of vacuuming the carpets in their home. It takes up time, it’s labor intensive, and you generally have to haul it up and down stairs if you live in a two story home. No matter how you look at it, vacuuming is an extremely […]

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best robot vacuum under $200

Best Robot Vacuum Under $200 – Compared and Reviewed

For many of us, cleaning our homes is a chore that we could probably do without. Spending hours dusting and vacuuming is not the ideal way to pass the time, but what else are you going to do? Well, fortunately, we have high technology these days, which means that you can outsource your cleaning to […]

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best robot vacuum for carpet

5 Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet – Guide and Reviews

Cleaning the house is a chore that none of us particularly like to do, but it’s something that has to get done, lest we start living in our own filth. Fortunately, the days of having to do all the work yourself are slowly coming to an end as robots are taking over the most menial […]

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Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors

Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors – Guide and Reviews

If you’re looking to find the best robot vacuum for laminate floors, you have come to the right place as this entire review post is going to help make sure you find the perfect vacuum to fit your needs. Not only is it going to help make your decision a lot easier, but you will […]

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Best Roomba For Hardwood Floors

5 Best Roomba For Hardwood Floors in 2018 – Complete Guide

For most people, cleaning is such a chore that they would rather live in filth than lift up a broom and sweep on a regular basis. Fortunately for those people, we are living in the future, which means that we can outsource our cleaning needs to someone else. That doesn’t mean that you have to […]

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Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors

Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors

Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors – Guide and ReviewsIn today’s modern society, it’s easy to get jaded by all of the technology that we have at our disposal. Our grandparents never had it so good, and yet we seem to take it all for granted. One arena that is slowly becoming automated is cleaning, and […]

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