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 Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Review

When it comes to trying to find one of the best upright vacuums that you can buy, this Miele Swing H1 is going to be one of the best ones on the market. Despite it having a higher price point than some of the others, a quick look at the features offered by this stroller show just how great it is for the price. Plenty of features such as onboard tools, multiple stage suction, and an air clean filter, you’re going to love using this vacuum. Additionally, it is incredibly quiet so you can use it at just about any time during the day.

vacuum head-miele
Miele Swing H1 Quickstep

Miele Stick Vacuum Review

So what's all the fuss about the Miele Swing h1 Quickstep vacuum let take a closer look at the features and what this Miele stick vacuum has to offer. The first thing you notice is its slick appearance, and it looks quality straight out of the box it comes with a 1000 watts vortex motor which is powerful and robust. And the suction power of the Miele quickstep is quite remarkable, to say its only weights just under 10lbs. So let's see what makes it tick and if this Miele stick vacuum could be the one for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be transformed into multiple configurations
  • Air Clean filter
  • FiberTeQ combination floor tools for smooth flooring
  • Height-adjustable telescopic wand
  • Maximum and minimum speed control
  • Small and compact

Miele Stick Vacuum - Or Is it?

Firstly, until doing this review on the Miele Swing h1 Vacuum, I didn't know that they classed it as a stick vacuum. So, this added to the confusion as of what to call it in this review. According to the official Miele website, this is the only stick vacuum they have in a range of vacuum. Therefore more than likely for this reason that because other brands like Dyson and Shark all have a selection of stick vacuums in their vacuum ranges.

So it's maybe that where and why the Miele stick vacuum got the name. Plus this was a question that was often being asked by people. That because it does have the look of an upright vacuum more than a stick vacuum, hence the confusion, so I wanted to clear this one up quickly. So let's move on.

How Well Does The Miele Quickstep Perform?

However, there is pro and cons to both these types. The corded versions certainly won't run out of power. With this Miele Quickstep, the working area for the cord is around 28 feet, which is more than enough space to vacuum before having re-locate the power socket. If you are happy to use a corded vacuum, this shouldn't be a concern to use. Also, no time to waste waiting for a cordless to recharge.

Watch the Miele Quickstep in action cleaning this Carpet and Hardwood Floor. 

 However, there is pro and cons to both these types. The corded versions certainly won't run out of power. With this Miele Quickstep, the working area for the cord is around 28 feet, which is more than enough area to vacuum before having re-locate the power socket. Basically if you happy to use a corded vacuum this shouldn't be a concern to use. Also no time to waste waiting for a cordless to recharge.  

Quite Running

The vacuum is a very quiet machine and to be honest is not much louder than a regular air dryer which for a vacuum with a two speed adjustable 1000 watts motor is extremely impressive. Taking that a lot of the more expensive vacuum which also have powerful motors can tend to be a bit noisy. And this is where the Miele swing h1 has a definite edge.

Speed Adjustment

The motor variable speed control can be adjusted to suit the type of surface you are cleaning for large carpet area the low speed is the better option. Therefore is not using full suction and is more gentle on the floor surface it is cleaning. In areas like hallways or ones which receive a lot of footfall and high traffic, you have the quick flick of a switch to give you high speed.

In This mode you can feel the extra suction and having this flexibility depending on the surfaces you are cleaning is a great bonus. Many homes now have multi floors surfaces and moving from carpet to hardwood, and maybe tile is easier if the vacuum you are using will make this adjustment seamlessly, The Miele swing h1 does this very well.

Changing The Miele Swing h1 To Handheld

So one of the best features this Miele swing h1 has and for me is the game changer, from the upright of conventional vacuum to handheld in a few clicks. The cleaning nozzle can be removed merely the same with the handle at the top of the Miele Swing h1. So then you are left with the middle part of the machine. The attachments/tools that come with this Miele quickstep fit attached to the handle for easy access and storage. 

After fitting these to the main body of the Miele quickstep, you then have a handheld vacuum unit which can be used on furniture, drapes/curtains or any hard to reach areas in your home. It that small and compact you could use the handheld for jobs outside of the house as well. Maybe use as a car vac or in your motorhome, remembering to do this you will need a power supply nearby. There is plenty of option where the handheld will come in handy.

There is a further option you can also do with this you can also buy a hose adapter and hose which will fit onto specific suction port, and this will make the canister handle adapter so if you wanted. It then could still be used as a canister vacuum. The unit could then become a handheld canister. For operating it, you would hold the central unit in your hand, making it a very versatile vacuum.

Multi Functional Attachments

multi-attachments-mile quickstep

The tool attachments for the Miele Quickstep have been thought out very well, allowing and enabling them to reconnect at either end of the vacuum. So basically you can remove the handle, and this then extends into a telescope extension scope which can then be fitting to the end of the machine. So then gives you extra length to the handheld feature of the vacuum so you can reach high up areas.

Filtration System

Miele Swing H1-filteration-sytem

The Miele swing h1 unit is a well-sealed vacuum which is essential when it comes to keeping the dust and allergens which can cause allergic reactions at bay. The Miele brand is renowned for its excellent sealed vacuum units. Also, the vacuum comes fitted with a dust bag made out of poly fiber media that can keep in the dust and allergens it collects without lose making it 99.97% efficient. Its bin capacity is 2.5L which is not bad considering the size of this vacuum.

HEPA Filter And Allergies

If you are a suffer from dust related issues there is an option to add the HEPA filter to this Miele swing h1, These HEPA filters are designed to retain microscopic particles of dust and allergens down to 0.2 which is of great benefit to many who suffer from asthma type of allergies. There is also the option for a filter bags just for pet owners. Note: The downside is that this unit does not come with an HEPA-certified filter as standard which is disappointing, we have included links if you wanted to check them out!

Miele Quickstep - Features

This Video to see the Miele Swing H1 Quickstep in use with its onboard tools. 

Onboard Tools

It’s important to make sure that when you buy a vacuum, you have more than just the vacuum head itself and when it comes to this vacuum, you’re going to get just that. This vacuum includes a bunch of options for onboard tools thanks to the convenient caddy located onboard. It holds upholstery tools and crevice tools to help make sure that you can vacuum every inch of your house with little to no added work or tools.

Six-Stage Suction

Since the chances are good that you’re going to have a lot of different surfaces in your home, you want to make sure that you find a vacuum that is going to accommodate and every floor. Therefore a wood floor should not be treated the same as a carpeted floor. You can easily adjust the rotary dial on this vacuum to help make sure that you get the right level of power for the surface that is being cleaned.

Air Clean Filter

The filter in this Miele quickstep can be incredibly important because you want to make sure that it can capture everything you need it to without leaving particles in the air or on the ground. This particular filter is multiple and is constructed with electrostatic charged material to help retain many of the fine particles from reaching the air around you.

Anti-Slip Stopper

So may seem like one of the more silly features when it comes to a vacuum but it is one that is going to be beneficial, and you’re going to like to have it. Since the Miele swing h1 is going to need to lean up against something when you are not using it, the handle on it is an anti-slip stopper that enables it to lean against surfaces without it falling.

FiberTeQ Combination Floor Tool

The combinations floor tool on this vacuum is going to be incredibly lovely because it allows you to care for all of the floor surfaces in your home. Whether it is a smooth floor surface or carpeting, you’ll be able to move across it quickly. A convenient foot switch right on the head of the vacuum makes it easy for you to switch on the go without needing to stop to do so.


  • Suction is great
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Very quiet when it is in use
  • check
    Easy to manoeuvre in tight areas 
  • check
    Quick to adjust to your size needs
  • check
    Super long cord
  • check
    Well built, and durable
  • check
    Non-slip handle help it stand up
  • check
    Handy for quick pickups


  • Is not the lightest model
  • No HEPA Filter as standard
  • Will not stand alone

What Is The Warranty?

Always worth know this when buying new alliances. So the guarantee that comes with this Miele swing h1 is an overall 1-year guarantee including the attachments. The suction motor is guaranteed two years, and the main case of the vacuum secured for a full seven years. They also offer what they call an Outstanding 7-year limited Warranty which give an extra six more year cover. Which considering the build quality of these vacuums shows why Miele is still one of the best in the world at making vacuum cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is this a cordless Vacuum?

A. No the Miele Swing H1 has a cord. 

Q. Do you need bags for this vacuum?

A. Yes the vacuum need bags. 

Q. Does it have a HEPA filter?

A. comes with one Miele KK bag, HEPA filter not included.

Q. Will is work on my silk rug?

A. This model does not have a revolving brush so it should be fine.


As you can tell from all of the features and everything else that was discussed in the review above, there are plenty of great things when it comes to this Miele stick vacuum.  So, I’m sure you’re going to love to have this in your home. While there might be some things missing from it that you like, there are plenty of other great things that I know you’re going to love. If you’re looking for a great and compact vacuum, this could be the one you want.

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