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Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum cleaners are one of those household appliances that just need to work and work well whenever it’s time to break them out for a good seasonal cleaning of your carpets, drapes, and upholstery. While floor vacuums are all well and good for covering your carpeted flat floor areas and most rugs, they are usually less than terrific at taking care of stairs, hard to reach areas behind furniture, and the furniture itself. For those chores, you want a canister vacuum like the Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, which is a tremendous value in terms of features and capabilities. Let’s look at what makes this vacuum an excellent appliance investment for your home.

Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Who is this made for?

The C1 Olympus is built for smaller home or apartment vacuuming needs with maximum efficiency and convenience. An excellent choice for users who need a vacuum that excels at cleaning deep into your carpets or rugs, as well as the upholstery or slipcovers of your furniture, the C1 Olympus helps keep your living space dust and allergen free.

Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

Combination Rug and Floor Brush

If your home is a combination of tile or hardwood floors decorated with rugs, and you also have carpeted rooms that need cleaning, the C1 is the perfect vacuum choice for you. The included rug and floor brush can switch from low pile carpet to flat flooring with just the flip of a toggle switch. That means when you finish vacuuming under and around the furniture in your hardwood floor living room, you just have to flip a switch to take care of your carpeted stairs or area rugs.

Telescoping Stainless Steel Wand

Stooping for extended periods of time to vacuum is both painful and bad for your overall posture and spinal health. Thanks to the telescoping stainless steel wand on this model, you don’t need to stoop to get your rugs and carpets clean, or to get those hard to reach areas behind the furniture. Best of all, if you need to give the drapes a good cleaning, you can easily reach even the highest window treatments thanks to the extendable nature of the vacuum wand.

Variable Speed Motor

When working with certain tapestry textiles or carpeting materials, it is not a great idea to run your vacuum at full power over them because you may damage the fibers permanently. Fortunately, the C1 has a variable speed motor that you control with a rotary dial, allowing you to back down on the suction when you need to clean your more delicate wall hangings, hand-made rugs, or other textile wall or floor coverings.

Air Clean System

The best vacuums are the ones that perform multiple functions at the same time, and the C1 Olympus is no different. As you clean and vacuum, exhaust air is first filtered through an AirClean system to remove dust and allergens, not only keeping the air clean as you work, but also removing pollutants like pollen and pet dander from the air in your home at the same time. Cleaning air as you clean the carpets has never been easier.

Self-Retracting Long Electrical Cord

Long electrical cords present the problem of being a trip hazard to you and the others who live in your home. Fortunately, the electrical cord for the C1 Olympus is self-retracting, making it easy to take up excess slack in your electrical cord as you clean, minimizing the risk of tripping over electrical cords in your walkways or while you are working on the stairs. With the number of household accidents involving tripping or falling each year, any step you can take to reduce the risk of injuring yourself or someone you live with is well worth the effort.


  • Lightweight portable design
  • Telescoping stainless steel wand
  • Long electrical cord
  • Easily switch between carpet and bare floor mode
  • AirClean system helps keep your air cleaner as you go


  • Self-retracting electrical cords take some getting used to
  • Canister vacuums may be lighter, but that means they are less likely to remain stable and unmoving while you work
  • Definitely not an ideal choice for large, wall-to-wall carpet homes

Highlighted Features

  • Includes three hose/wand accessories
  • 29.6 foot self-retracting cord
  • Variable speed motor
  • Easy switching between carpet and bare floor
  • AirClean system and Filter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this model work well for cleaning up pet “messes” in your home?

Q. Is there a vacuum bag included with the initial package?

Q. Does this vacuum have rubber wheels?


Overall, this vacuum is designed with those who have smaller living spaces but want real versatility for keeping their home dust and allergen free. The Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner is built from the ground up to be your all purpose, small space vacuum cleaner that can handle most any small scale vacuuming chores with ease. Get a C1 Olympus for your home, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with owning a vacuum that makes your cleaning chores light and easy work.

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