How To Clean Hardwood Floors With Vinegar

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Vinegar

Hardwood floors can be difficult to clean, and unless you have a steam vac and a buffer, your hardwood floor won’t be as clean as you would like it to be. I have tried several different things to clean a hardwood floor, and I have noticed that vinegar works quite well. It’s great because you don’t use any harmful chemicals, your floor won’t get ruined, and you don’t have to go to a shop to get any special equipment. It is easy to clean your hardwood floor with vinegar, and I decided to show you how to do it with this tutorial.

There is a small list of items you will need to ensure your hardwood floor is clean. Here is what you will need to make sure your hardwood floor sparkles and shines.

  • Vinegar: The key ingredient here is vinegar, so you should make sure you have that on hand. White vinegar is going to be your friend in this process.
  • Water: You want to mix the vinegar and the water together to ensure it doesn’t damage your floor.
  • Measuring Cup: For every ½ cup of vinegar, you should have a gallon of water.
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    Sponge/Cloth: You want to make sure you have something to scrub the floor with. A sponge will work wonderfully on the floor.
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    Towel: You should have a towel handy to clean up the excess water and vinegar mixture.
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    Bucket: How else are you going to hold the water and vinegar mix?
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    Mop (optional): If you don’t want to use your hands and knees, you can use a cotton mop.


1. Create the Mix

You will need to mix the water and the vinegar together. For every ½ cup of vinegar you put in the bucket, you need one gallon of water. You can measure the vinegar in the measuring cup, and fill up to the water line inside the bucket for the water. The water should be warm, but not hot.

You want to make sure the water is at the right temperature before you mix it together. Otherwise, it can reduce the effects of the vinegar, and make it more difficult to clean the floor. Once you have the right temperature, add the right amount of water.

2. Dip the Mop/Sponge

If you decided not to spend your afternoon on your hands and knees, you can use a sponge mop to clean your floor. Don’t use a typical cotton mop because it can damage the floor, and it will leave excess water everywhere.

Once you’ve dipped the mop into the water and vinegar mix, you need to wring out the excess water and vinegar. If you have a semi-abrasive end on the mop, this will come in handy when you run into a sticky spot. They’re everywhere, so be prepared with the mop.

3. Keep the Mop Slightly Damp

Even if your floor is really dirty, you don’t want to have too much water laying around everywhere. You should make sure the mop is slightly damp. This is where the sponge can come in handy, as well as the towel.

If you have tried using the mop and it doesn’t wring out properly, you may have no choice but to use the sponge on the hardwood if not a Vacuum Broom will help in this situation. As long as you’re not leaving puddles behind the mop, it should be okay. You will then work your way from the back of the area to the front.

4. Don’t Scrub Too Hard

The last thing you want to do is scuff your hardwood floor, so just apply enough pressure to lift the dirt off the floor. You can use a single pushing motion to ensure you get every inch of the floor. You can always go back over spots you’ve missed.

One thing that people don’t think about when they start mopping is where to start. You should start at the back of the room or hallway and work your way to the front. You don’t want to go back over an already cleaned spot because you had to step on the clean floor. After it is completed dry you can give the hardwood a small vacuum and pick up any loose debris or dirt.  


There you have it. Cleaning your hardwood floor has never been easier, especially when you add a touch of vinegar to the mix. Though a sponge mop is practical to clean large areas, you should use a sponge to get into smaller areas. We hope you enjoyed the article, and hopefully you learned quite a bit.

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below. If you enjoyed the article and want to share it with your friends and family, feel free. We’re sure they would enjoy learning how to clean their own hardwood floors with vinegar.

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