Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio Review

Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio Review

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of choices out there, all with different sorts of options available. Vacuum cleaners today come in a wide array of styles with different features designed to fit just about every type of lifestyle and living space.

All these options can make this a much harder decision than it needs to be. Entered into this confusion is the Electrolux EL3020A Ultra Power Studio, a versatile and well-designed vacuum cleaner that was simply built to make your life easier. That’s the good news. The great news? It definitely does that, and then some.

The Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio is the perfect vacuum for anyone who is looking to clean their house with the least amount of hassle. On every front, this vacuum makes cleaning a breeze. If you’re not sure what vacuum cleaner you should buy, hopefully this review will help you make up your final decision.

Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio

 Main Features

Patented Self-Cleaning Brushroll

One of the most exciting things about the Electrolux EL3020A is the self-cleaning brushroll. As you know, a regular vacuum constantly has to be regularly cleaned to keep it free of tangled hair, clumps of debris, and other problems. With the EL3020A, however, problems like this are a thing of the past. With just the simple push of a button the brushroll will actually clean itself, getting rid of hair and debris so you don’t have to.

Powerful Cyclonic Action

The EL3020A comes with a powerful cyclonic action system which lifts and separates dirt and dust, depositing it into a handy and convenient filter. As the debris is continuously filtered out, the cyclonic action actively works to keep its own airways clean, which serves to maintain its powerful suction. This self-maintenance ensures that you never experience a drop in performance.

Removeable and Washable Dustcup and Filter

As the cyclonic action does its job, the filter and dust cup will need to be cleaned from time to time. Thankfully, this is no problem at all. Both the filter and dustcup are easily removable, and even easier to clean when really needed. If necessary, the filter can even be washed for a thorough cleansing from time to time.

Rechargeable Battery

If you’ve had a corded vacuum before, then you know how inconvenient they can be. If you’re not having to stop what you’re doing to unplug the vacuum and plug it in somewhere else, you’re constantly having to pick up the cord to make sure you don’t run over it.

Thankfully, the EL3020A comes with a powerful 25.2 volt Lithium battery that allows for up to 60 minutes of continuous runtime before needing to be recharged. With this feature, you can go everywhere you need to go without worrying about the inconvenience of cords.

180-degree Maneuverability

While the EL3020A’s cordless feature is giving you full mobility around your entire home, its 180-degree easy steer manoeuvrability will help you make sure you take that freedom and put it to good use on any surface, including area rugs, shag carpet, tile, or wood. Basically, if there’s a floor, corner, nook or cranny you need to reach and clean, the EL3020A can get there to do its job.


  • 25.2 volt Lithium Battery for up to 60 minutes runtime
  • Patented Self-Cleaning Brushroll cleans itself
  • 180° EasySteer Maneuverability to reach everywhere
  • Motorized Power Brush
  • Cyclonic Action
  • Removable, washable Filter
  • Self-standing for easy, convenient storage
  • DustSpotter LED Lights
  • Lightweight for easy of carrying


  • Does not feature the popular 2-in-1 handheld system available from other Electrolux products
  • Some customers report a drop in battery use after about a year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How difficult is it to change the filter, and how often does that need to happen?

Q: Does this have a charging base, or does it just plug in?


If you’re looking for a lightweight but powerful vacuum for your home, the Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio is a great choice. The cordless feature, along with 180-degree manoeuvrability, ensures that you will be able to clean anywhere in your home quickly and easily, while the convenient dust-cup and filter make cleanup and maintenance a snap.

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