Dyson DC39 Review

Dyson DC39 Review

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This Dyson DC39 review is all about one of the best vacuum manufacturers on the planet. Dyson’s machines look sleek, but there’s a lot of stout engineering behind each vacuum. The  DC39 is lightweight, portable and powerful, much like all high-quality Dyson machines.

We go over all of the best features of this vacuum and why you should purchase it. Aside from a vaunted company backing up the construction and workmanship of the vacuum, this model has the same basic cyclonic technology found at the heart of every canister vacuum made by Dyson.

Dyson DC39

Who needs this vacuum?

The Dyson DC39 is a multi-floor canister vacuum, which means anyone who has a house, apartment or flat with hard floors or carpets. Adjust the vacuum to your desired floor height for an all-around clean throughout your entire dwelling.

dc39 dyson Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

The review for this DC39 multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner focuses on the most prominent features of this product. After reading this review, we’re sure you’ll feel confident enough to buy one.

Cyclonic Air Action

Dyson prides itself on the cyclonic air action of all of its vacuums, and this one has that same technology built into it. The cyclonic air captures more dirt and microscopic materials without any loss of suction through the arm of the vacuum.

The airflow model of Dyson vacuums optimizes airflow for maximum suction power. This means you spend less time vacuuming and more time doing things you enjoy. The added suction power also alleviates any air quality issues coming from too much dust or dirt in your floors.

Tight Turns

The patented ball wheel helps this vacuum turn very quickly and in a very tight radius. Instead of wheels, a large plastic ball provides all of the turning for this vacuum. The ball pivots in every possible direction from the center of the machine.

Therefore, the vacuum moves effortlessly across the floor from a single point rather than four. One gentle tug gets this machine rolling the direction you want without having to wrestle with the wheels through a high-pile carpet.

Multi-Floor Function

The beauty of this Dyson vacuum is that it picks up dirt on all floor types. The brush bar in the head turns with the air generated by the suction, but only when you push a button in the handle.

There’s no bending down to activate the carpet brush bar, and you don’t have to use your foot to move any levers. With one push of a button, you can go from bare floors to carpets and back again. Go from delicate floors to heavy-duty pile carpets in mere seconds.

Less Noise

The loudest components of the vacuum are in the ball, and that ball is acoustically treated to reduce noise at all levels. You can clean your house when the kids are asleep, and you reduce your chances of scarring your pets with the quiet operation of the Dyson DC39. Clean all surfaces with quiet power without compromising the quality of the vacuum’s performance.


The canister is part of why this dc39 machine works so well. There are no bags to unscrew and no extra moving parts that hold the bag in place. Instead, the canister easily pops in and out so you can empty the dirt and dust without a fuss. 

All of the filters last for the entire lifetime of the vacuum because they are washable. Therefore, there’s no extra expenses associated with collecting the dirt and dust from your floors.


  • Quiet operation
  • No bags to buy
  • Five-year warranty
  • Turns easily with turning ball
  • Vacuums all types of floors
  • Optimal suction


  • Price, but worth every penny for this industry standard
  • May need to empty canister more often than usual from picking up all of the dust

Highlighted Features

  • Button in handle controls the floor brush
  • Stair tool and dusting tool attachment
  • Clear bin shows when you need to empty the canister
  • Lightweight: less than 9 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this vacuum work with other Dyson parts?

Does this use HEPA filters?

Do the filters clean easily?


Any Dyson vacuum is a good buy, but this model is a great vacuum for several reasons. It’s small, so it fits into small closets if you have limited space. This vacuum moves easily along any floors due to the turning ball. It’s quiet so it doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house. If you have an apartment or a large house, this vacuum works great. The only downside is that you may have to empty the canister a lot because the vacuum picks up so much dust.

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