Dyson DC33 Review

Dyson DC33 Review

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Ever since the debut of the first Dyson model in 2001, the vacuum manufacturer has become a household name synonymous with quality, innovation, and performance. Dyson’s patented multi-cyclone vacuum design picks up more dirt than conventional bag vacuum cleaners, and their line of other cleaning, heating, cooling, and hair dryer products have all won numerous design innovation awards and set new standards in the home appliance and electronics industry.

When you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner that you know will perform consistently every time you plug it in, Dyson is the name brand that you choose. Here’s a review of one of Dyson’s mainstay models, the DC33, to help you get the most out of your home vacuum cleaner purchase.

Dyson DC33

dyson dc33 who is it made for?

Dyson vacuums are made for home vacuum cleaner users who want a maintenance free bagless design and consistent dirt removing performance. Dyson vacuums are some of the best in the world in terms of their efficiency and cleaning power, and they are equally at home over bare floor, area rugs, and deep pile carpeting.

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Features

State-of-the-Art Bagless Technology

Rather than a traditional collection bag to trap dust and hair that you vacuum out of your carpet and furniture, the DC33 uses cyclonic dissipation to remove and collect dust, dirt, hair, and debris from the vacuum airflow, keeping filters and intakes clear for superior cleaning suction and power. This technology is actually based on the method that sawmills use to remove sawdust from industrial lumber processes, keeping production facilities cleaner and machinery functioning at peak efficiency.

Lightweight Design

Weighing int at 17.3 lbs., the DC33 is one of the lightest home vacuum cleaners on the market, making multi-floor cleaning up or downstairs a breeze. Maneuvering the vacuum is also far easier thanks to its low overall weight, and packing it up in the car or away for storage is far less of a chore thanks to the innovative weight reduction of this remarkable vacuum. Older and shorter users will find this to be an ideal options for them since it is generally light enough to move from floor to floor unassisted, offering more versatility for movement than many other options.

dyson dc33 filters

Washable HEPA Filter

If you suffer from pet, seasonal, or dust allergies, the dyson dc 33 has you covered. Vented exhaust air passes through a washable HEPA filter that strains out the microscopic particles of dirt, dust, dander, and pollen that way be lingering in the airway. A few runs of this vacuum in every room of your home, and you should find that your allergies are remarkably improved thanks to this clever innovation. Best of all, you can simply pull the HEPA filter out of the vacuum and wash it with cold water before allowing it to air dry, making contaminant free carpet and air a practical reality.

dyson dc33 attachments

Every homeowner and housekeeper knows that dust and other allergens doesn’t just collect on carpets, but also on furniture and window treatments as well. Thanks to the handy 14 foot extendable reach wand with hose, you can easily give your drapes and furniture a thorough going over that will allow you to eliminate even more airborne contaminants from virtually every surface that collects them. Better still, all Dyson wand attachments for your dyson dc 33 click and lock into place on the reach wand, keeping them airtight and secure regardless of how you need to use them.

High Durability Construction Backed by a 5 Year Warranty 

Dyson vacuum cleaners are built tough to withstand even the harshest of household working conditions. They are constructed using extra-tough polycarbonate plastic to take a beating without breaking or malfunctioning. There’s a very good reason that Dyson vacuum cleaners are so well made, too: every model Dyson makes is stress tested under extreme conditions during its development and testing phase to ensure that their designs will provide exceptional functionality for many years to come. In case for some reason a design doesn’t live up to that expectation, Dyson backs every single vacuum with a five year warranty that covers parts and labor for any repairs that need to be made to your Dyson due to equipment failure.

dyson dc33 prices.

Due to this model being a few years old now the price is reflecting this and is now under $300 which depending on where you shop there is great deals to be had on this model. So after reading this dyson dc33 review, you may find it just the vacuum for you. Let's check out the Pros and Cons. 


  • easy to transportation between floors
  • telescopic wand for hard to reach places
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Guaranteed not to lose suction. Ever.
  • 5 year warranty, parts and labor


  • Cost is still a factor
  • Washable filters can be expensive when they inevitably need replacing
  • Warranty for repairs requires servicing by Dyson directly

Highlighted Features

  • Bagless design means no additional long term costs
  • Clear receptacle and sanitary disposal
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Included reach wand accessories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where do I get a dyson dc33 manual?
A: The Dyson dc33 manual is downloadable in a pdf file and can be found here in fully dc33 operational manual.
Q: Is this vacuum safe to use on berber carpet?
A: Yes, it will clean it without damaging it.
Q: Q: How loud is this vacuum?
A: This vacuum is exceptionally quiet except when operating on deep pile carpet and the motor has to work harder to maintain air pressure.
Q:How much does a Dyson dc33 cost?
A: Dyson dc33 priced at $242.99 new on Amazon.com There are deals on this used dc33 Multi Floor upright bagless vacuum cleaner.
Q: When was Dyson dc33 made?
A: The Dyson dc33 upright vacuum was first made in 1993 using Dyson dual cyclone technology. and was manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Conclusion - dyson dc33 Review

No other vacuum cleaner runs like a Dyson, and the DC33 is an excellent example of the best that Dyson has to offer. It is well built, well designed, and will provide you with dependable service for as long as you own it. Invest in a Dyson DC33, and make your next vacuum cleaner your last vacuum cleaner.

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