BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2 Review

BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2 Review

When shopping for a hard floor cleaner, many of us struggle to find the right complements of user friendly features with affordability. Can I find a hard floor cleaner that is versatile enough to go around furniture legs so that I don’t have to bruise my knees weekly in my attempts to reach those devilish places? Is their a vacuum available that can handle large and small debris at the same time without having to switch modes of operation? I am tired of not being able to find the right size vacuum bags, are there any hard floor vacuums available that do not require those hard to find bags?

The BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2 is the perfect addition to your home, as every question asked previously can be answered yes with this model. Designed with the homeowner in mind who does not enjoy lugging a heavy vacuum around, this affordable model will provide the user with years of dependable cleaning with the latest in product innovations.

BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2

BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2 Features

Superior Edge Cleaning Ability

Perhaps your kitchen has hard floors. Have you noticed how dirt accumulates in those hard to reach corners and edges? That dirt, in particular food particles, is attractive to those unsightly creatures, namely roaches. This vacuum can easily reach those spots without the need for attachments or a broom and dustpan.

V-Shape Suction Technology

When vacuuming around baseboards, or perhaps in the kitchen around the stove or refrigerator, the V-Shape is designed to suction the larger debris through the middle. On the outer parts of the V, this is where the smaller particles of dirt are suctioned up, making this vacuum ideal for cleaning those hard floor portions of your home where you need versatility.

No More Vacuum Bags

How many times have we been ready to clean the house, only to realize at the last minute that the vacuum bag is full and we are out of empties. So frustrating, trying to find a retailer who sells that particular size. With this Bissell no longer will you have to mess with those hard to find vacuum bags with it’s easy to empty dirt cup.

Swivel Head

Cleaning around furniture legs used to require us getting on our hands and knees, or doing some heavy, needless lifting. No longer will these timely, labor intensive activities be required. With the swivel head design, you can easily vacuum around furniture legs, thereby eliminating the need for all that extra work.

Ability To Clean Low Pile Area Rugs

Often, hard floor vacuums are not versatile enough to clean those pile rugs that we love. This Bissell model is designed to not only get your hard floor vacuumed properly, it will also vacuum those low pile rugs that we often have on our hard floors.


  • Cleans the edges that otherwise would require a broom and dustpan
  • Suctions the large debris through the middle of the V and the smaller dirt particles on the outside of the V
  • ​No more vacuum bags with its easy to empty dirt cup
  • ​Ability to clean around furniture legs
  • Versatility is demonstrated in its ability to vacuum low pile area rugs


  • This model is not pet friendly
  • Specifically designed for hard floors and low pile area rugs

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent Edge Cleaning
  • V-Shape Suction Technology
  • ​Easy To Empty Dirt Cup
  • ​Swivel Head
  • Works On Low Pile Area Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I don’t see any information on the wheels. Will they mark my hard floors? What are they constructed of?

Q. How does the bagless feature work? Every vacuum that I have owned previously used bags to collect the dirt and debris. Is it messy to empty?


There simply is no reason for anyone who has a home with hard floors to spend all that time on their hands and knees with a small broom and dustpan. It is so cumbersome, trying to get all those particles of dirt and food along and just underneath the cabinets.

You don’t have to struggle with this any longer. An affordable and versatile hard floor vacuum awaits you. The BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2 can make your life so much easier. No longer will you dread house cleaning. With a design that has the homeowner in mind, with versatility and ease of operation as it cornerstone. You simply can not go wrong with the affordable BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2-2.

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