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8 Best Wall Mount Shop Vac Reviews (Complete Guide)

A shop vac is an essential component in any private workspace. Whether you work with wood, metal, or automobiles, your vacuum is your quick and easy way to clean up debris after a job or the occasional accidental spill. The general problem with most traditional shop vacs  is the amount of space they occupy in storage. You don’t need it for every job in your workshop, but it still needs to stay within easy reach. Fortunately, a wall mount shop vac offer an excellent alternative to standard caster-mounted vacs. 

Most models offer nearly the same power, capacity, and functionality, but in a more compact, storage friendly package. The one drawback to opting for a wall mounted shop vac is choosing the right one for your needs. Finding what features are most important for you, like how large, or do you need a wall mount wet dry vac for your workspace?

Check out the following buyer’s guide and reviews of some of the best wall mounted vacuums to help you pick the right model to suit your requirements.

Recommended Best Wall Mount Shop Vac Reviews 

Shop-Vac 3942000 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:

The original shop vacuum since the 1950s, this Shop-Vac brand 5 gallon capacity model is definitely a versatile wall-mounted workhorse. With 4.0 peak horsepower, this compact shop-vac provides plenty of suction for just about any cleaning task, from plaster dust to bolts and washers.

The chief advantage to the 3942000 is the included attachments and fixtures. Not only is the wall mount easy to install and use, but there are also numerous attachments, wand extensions, and a lengthy hose.

The versatility of this shop vac alone make it well worth the purchase price, and the space saving design means you can keep it close at hand without worrying about having to work around it or knocking it around while in your shop. Overall, if you need a jack-of-all-trades wall mounted shop vac, this model is definitely an excellent and budget-friendly choice.


  • check
    Has accessoires and clip on storage bag
  • check
    4 peak HP
  • check
    Compact 5 gallon capacity
  • Good all round shop vac 
  • Very versatility vac


  • Can struggle with larger bits of debris
  • Filter is not a HEPA type
Vacmaster 5 Gallon Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Having a wall hanging shop vac can be extremely convenient; however, on occasion you have need of your vac somewhere else. Spills in the house, dirty and dusty crawlspaces, and cleaning out your car sometimes requires you to take your shop vac on the go.

To that end, Vacmaster offers this 5 gallon model that is quiet, powerful, and compact. Included wall mounting hardware has a built in quick release so you can take your shop vac out and about as needed.

Canister mounted accessories make portability even easier, and wet-dry cleanup capability makes it versatile enough to handle any job that needs doing in the shop or around the house.

Overall, if you don’t want to commit to a permanently mounted shop vac and like the idea of being able to use your shop vac anywhere in your home, this Vacmaster 5 Gallon model is for you.


  • check
    10 foot hose, 20 foot power cord
  • check
    Remote control on/off
  • check
    5 peak HP with wet/dry cleanup
  • Can be wall mounted to save space
  • small compact vac


  • Less powerful CFM/SP than similar wall mounted models
  • No tank drain for wet cleanup
VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum

Editor Rating:

For professional performance for your wall mount shop vac, the VacuMaid GV50PRO is the ultimate vac. With a galvannealed stainless steel 7 gallon capacity, this vac is designed to stay on the wall and cleanup any debris or dirt that will fit through its 50 foot hose.

The motor is guaranteed to last 75% longer than commercial models, and it provides more than enough CFM and AP to pick up any dry debris that may accumulate around your workshop. The included accessories make it extremely versatile for cleanup, and all of them can be stored in the included canister-mounted caddy. If industrial dry cleanup is what you need, this is the wall mounted model for you.


  • check
    Massive 7 gallon canister
  • check
    HEPA-rated collection bag
  • check
    50 foot hose for large workshop reach
  • Included accessories
  • Industrial dry cleanup


  • Not designed for wet mess cleanup
  • This model occupies a lot of space
  • Very powerful which means it louder 
BISSELL Garage Pro Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:

The Bissell Garage Pro vac is a wet/dry cleaning powerhouse. Its 12-amp motor can handle almost any debris or wet mess you need to cleanup around the garage, or with this garage vacuum system, and the hose has an impressive reach of 32 feet.

The 4-gallon tank has an auto-shut-off to prevent overflow, and is also semi-translucent so you can visually track how full the tank is while cleaning. Furthermore, all included accessories store conveniently on the canister itself, so there is no need for extra storage space considerations.

The wall mount is solidly constructed, mounts easily, and provides exceptional stability. In terms of overall value, this shop vacuum is probably the best value versus cost, and provides the most power and stability for the price point, and would be possible the best garage vacuum wall mounted on the market.


  • check
    32 foot hose
  • check
    Easy-empty canister
  • check
    12-amp motor
  • Auto shut-off
  • See through tank, to see how full it is


  • Comparatively small canister
  • No tank drain
Hoover L2310 GUV ProGrade Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum

Editor Rating:

The GUV from Hoover is an high grade shop vac designed to fit and function in your workshop. Its bagless design means there is no periodic costs associated with replacing collection bags, and the included self-cleaning filter is guaranteed for life. While the dirt capacity is quite large for its size, the slim profile reduces its overall storage footprint.

So, additionally, the 30 foot hose can reach the far corners of a 3 car garage, and is also crush-proof for additional durability in any circumstance. The included accessories can be stored in the included storage bag, and both the hose and accessories can be neatly mounted underneath this garage vacuum on the canisters body.

Best of all, the wall mount is rock solid, and installation does not require hardwiring or special filter hose running. For a professional quality shop vac that mounts conveniently on the wall of any workspace, this is definitely the best value around. Better still, Hoover guarantees all its hardware for life, so the L2310 GUV is a sound investment for the long haul as well.


  • check
    Wall mounts for conveniently storage 
  • check
    Self-cleaning filter 
  • check
    Powerful 10-amp motor
  • 30 foot crush-proof hose
  • 7 included attachments with storage bag


  • Not a wet cleanup vacuum
  • Can clog with fine debris 
Stanley Wet/Dry Hanging Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Next, a Stanley from there hang up range which is for workshops and garage users. As well as the wall mounted bracket with this wet/dry vacuum you can remove for the wall making it very portable. The unit is a powerful 4.0HP, and the tank capacity is 4.5 gallons.  If you use as a wall mount vacuum, the flexible hose is 20 feet allowing plenty of room to move around if you were cleaning cars or workshops.

 The other great feature with this model is it can be converted into a blower, which is useful for many tasks like clearing debris and leaves. The filters are reusable and consist of a dry, foam filter plus disposable filter bag. The canister is of robust stainless construction and is ideal if you want a Wall Mounted Shop Vac and maybe want the option for portable duties; With so many tool accessories attachments to aid with many jobs, this Stanley Wet/Dry wall mounted shop vac could be worth looking at further.


  • check
    The sound level is pretty low.
  • check
    It looks great in the garage.
  • check
    wall hung or portable options
  • The bucket clips are easy to use
  • 20ft flexible hose


  • Lower suction
  • Hose could be longer
  • The filter clip bag can be tricky

7. RIDGID Wet Dry VAC5000 - Best Garage Vacuum Wall Mounted

RIDGID Wet Dry Vacs VAC5000 Wall Mount Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Here we have another very flexible vac for the garage, workshop/office use. With a wall mount storage options, this compact powerhouse of a shop vac has a 5.0HP output, and a tank that holds 5 gallons so is suitable for wet or dry messes. The tool attachments all store neatly on the vacs caddy ensuring that all the accessories are to hand when required.

The car nozzle tool has a handy light to help when cleaning car interior upholstery. The filter has a quick lock system for easy use and installation. Plus with the option to remove from the wall this vac can become portable and easy to transport between jobs.

The hose length is 14ft and has an extension of a flexible 7 feet stretch which recoils to only 2 feet keeping everything neat and tidy, and if used together give a total hose length of over 21 ft which is enough to cover most clean up jobs.As well as being a great wall mount vacuum for garage it can also can be used as a blower for leaves etc. 


  • Flexible hose
  • has a diffuser for quieter use
  • LED car nozzle
  • 2 Extension Wands
  • 21-foot hose length


  • no wheels on the unit
  • filter bag not cheap

8. WORKSHOP Wet/Dry WS0500WM - wall hanging shop vac

WORKSHOP Wet/Dry WS0500WM Wall Mounted Vacuum

Editor Rating:

This WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS0500WM is a very powerful wall mounted vacuum which will work just as well in cars or cleaning water spills from carpets. If you are looking for a garage vacuum that can be used portable if needed, then this Workshop model is a good choice. With extra hose length reaching 22 feet. It also has a robust copolymer drum ensuring that it won't dent or rust.

This shop vacuum has 5.0HP power output and has onboard storage with a large selection of tools and accessories to deal with the messiest wet or dry cleaning jobs. With an auto shut system which will prevent accidental overflows. The vacs filter is a bag for dust collection, and media cartridges which are HEPA so will reduce microns and allergens down to 99.8% great if you do suffer from allergies such as pollens and dust particles.

The vac weighs 23 lb and is small and compact enough if you need to use it portably, or save space and stay organized with a wall mounting system, it will store conveniently in workshop or garage area.


  • cleans messes much easier
  • Easy to set up
  • Really powerful
  • nice selection of tools


  • Its quite loud
  • There was no filter included

When it comes to choosing a wall mounted vacuum, our first choice would be the Bissell Garage Pro Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum. The 4-gallon capacity makes it ideal for medium to large dry cleanup, and wet cleanup doesn’t require quite as many stops to empty the tank as comparable models. The included filters are also top grade for medium debris, and it also has a built-in blower function for fast indoor to outdoor cleanup. If you are in the market for a compact wall mount shop vac, definitely give the Bissell Garage Pro Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum a first look. It is definitely worth considering given its features and price point.

How to Choose the Best Wall Mount Shop Vac

So, knowing how to read the features on a shop vac is half the battle when it comes to picking the right one for you. The other half is deciding which features matter to you and how much power you can afford without going over budget. Here’s what features you need to pay close attention to when choosing a wall mount shop vac, as well as how to determine a model’s overall power.

How Much Dirt/Debris/Liquid Can It Hold?

It’s a good idea to calculate the size of your average cleanup. Do you clean up a lot of fine dust and debris, or is there larger particles/matter to consider? Additionally, how often do you plan on using the wet cleanup feature? Liquid/wet messes tend to require more capacity, so you may want to get a wall mount wet dry vac with a slightly larger canister if wet cleanup is a priority. Generally, if you don’t want to spend more time emptying than cleaning, stick to 4-5 gallon capacity canisters.

How Much Power Does It Have?

The vacuum power gets measured in three categories: sealed pressure (SP), cubic feet per minute (CFM), and air-watts/air power (AP).

SP is the power rating that matters most for wet cleanup. If your potential shop vac is rated at an SP of 75 or higher, that’s considered to be high end utility performance.

CFM is important if you cleanup a lot of finer debris, dust, or shavings of any kind. Cleaning up after woodworking or similar typically requires the highest CFM your budget will allow.

AP is of particular importance if you clean up metal parts, pieces, or heavyweight particulates. You need more air watts or air power to pick up these denser materials.

Think about how you want to use this wall mount vacuum cleaners and what you plan on cleaning up, then look at the specs with that in mind. Making a smart decision is far easier this way.

What Kind Of Filter Is Included?

Many wall mounted vacuum are built according to specific feature trim levels. Depending on what kind of cleaning jobs it is designed for, every shop vac comes with a specific type of filter for the job. However, on occasion you may find that you buy a more powerful vacuum that needs a higher filtration level to make it suitable for use in your shop.

Sometimes you need less filtration because you cleanup larger debris. Furthermore, you need a foam sleeve filter for wall mounted wet dry vac cleanups, so you definitely want to check out what kind of filter you get in the box before purchase.

After all, while the included filter may be sufficient for certain jobs, it may be unsuitable for other cleanup tasks outside your normal use. Make sure you have what you need when you purchase your wall shop vac, or get it after the fact.

What Kind Of Hose Assembly Does It Use?

The bigger cleanups require a larger diameter hose. 1.25 - 1.5 inch hoses are fine for small debris, but for larger messes you should probably use a 2.5 inch or larger hoses. The larger hoses are more typical for automotive vacuums, but they can also handle much larger air volumes and debris as well.

Additionally, your hose size is important if you intend to use the blower port that is built in to many small shop vacs. Blower cleanup is fantastic for getting leaves, pine straw, and other loose debris that won’t adversely affect the environment out of your garage or workspace quickly and easily. When using the blower feature, larger hoses are best, small hoses are less efficient.

Tank Drain

This is an absolute godsend when it comes to cleaning up wet messes. Rather than having to take the canister off the wall and dump it out without damaging the vacuum assembly or canister itself, all you have to do is open the tank drain with a bucket underneath, and dispose of the liquid part of the mess at your convenience. It’s more common on portable shop vacuums, but there are wall mount shop vacs that have tank drains for convenience, too. If you plan on doing wet cleanup regularly, definitely consider a model with a built in tank drain.

is wall mounted The best Type of garage vacuum?

Depending on the size of your garage and how you utilize that space, will dictate how useful having a garage vacuum cleaner will be. Some garage spaces will accommodate a couple of cars and still have room for a workshop at the rear. While others will be smaller and more compact.

Garage Vacuum - Factors To Consider

Things to consider in a garage vacuum are do you buy a portable or wall mount? If you are looking at the options for wall mounted for your garage, here are some of main benefits for owning one. Once the garage vacuum is mounted you don't have to move or carry it around. And you can clean your car's interior with just the hose and a tool attachment. This makes it quick and simple to get the job started without having to moving the vac, plus it's then easier to put away once you've completed the job.

Benefits of a wall mount vacuum 

If you opt for a wet/dry wall mounted vacuum this vac will deal with any messes from any little projects you may undertake like woodworking that might created dust and shavings. Additionally, this will be able to deal with any liquid spills, ensuring that you keep the garage work area clean and tidy. A portable option which allows you to remove the wall mount vac and carry direct to the job so providing you the best of both worlds, wall mount & portable. Some wall shop vacs do both these tasks see garage vacuum reviews above.

Things to check

You may want to check the length of the hose to see if it is long enough for your size of the garage, an extension hose can be added if you need more length. What type of filter will be best for your cleaning circumstances some have a bag with HEPA filter, which is handy if you are cleaning up Dust Particles and messes, or have issues with Respiratory Health or allergies. Some filter bags need replacing while some are reusable. It is worth doing your research that the wall mount vacuum for garage has what you want it to do.

Final Thoughts

So we have covered many aspects of some of the better wall mount vacuum cleaners with a look at how best they may suit your home, garage and workspace. If you need a wet/dry vac for messes or larger debris, we hope we got it covered with these in-depth reviews. Overall if you need a vac for cleaning up after hobbies, or projects like working with wood, or car cleaning then having the option to mount the vac on the wall, and have it ready to will help you enormously. I hope you find the right model for you.

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