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10 Best Robot Vacuum 2022 (Complete Guide And Reviews)

 Looking for the Best Robot Vacuum. Generally speaking most people do not enjoy the  household chores of vacuuming the carpet or floors in their homes. It takes up time, it’s labor intensive, and you generally have to haul a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. Because, no matter how you look at it vacuuming can be at times extremely hard work.

The thought of regular vacuuming to keep the home tidy is probably the most common reason that people buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. Rather than taking time out of your busy schedule every week to vacuum your carpet. The robot vacuum can clean any floor by itself. This easily keeps dust and dirt from building up in your carpet and rugs or on any hard floor surfaces.

 If you are like most people, you want to buy a robot vacuum that offers the most for the best price. So to help you make an informed decision. Here we have reviewed the top ten robot vacuum cleaners on the market today so you can purchase what you need with confidence you've made the right decision. So now let's get started!


How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuum

With so many robot vacuum cleaners options available.  It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which model best meets your needs and requirements. To simplify the buying process, we’ve assembled some tips on how to choose the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your home. Check these out:

Choose Best Robot Vacuum By the Flooring in Your Home

What type of flooring do you have in your home?  People who have deep pile or medium pile carpet definitely need to focus on choosing a robot model that produces more suction power. Less powerful models may not penetrate deep enough into the carpet to clean it thoroughly.

Hardwood and tile floors are usually just fine for any model of robot vacuum. They don’t require the same deep cleaning and powerful suction to get the dirt up. The only additional consideration for hardwood or tile floors is whether to opt for a robot mop vacuum. These can greatly improve the quality of the cleaning your robot cleaner can provide.


Works will with Carpet and hard floors.

Make Sure You Choose a Multi-Room Robot Model

This may seem like a bit of an obvious statement, but it is critical to the buying process. The areas that your robot vacuum will clean will depend on how advanced its guidance and charging system is. To help you set realistic expectations of what can be achieved. Keeping just a single large room clean? Go for a semi-random guidance, one-room model.

Need to vacuum all the rooms on the first floor? Get a more intelligent multi-room, self-mapping model. Have much furniture? Make sure your robot vacuum has automatic obstacle avoidance. Deciding what you need in advance helps you make the best purchasing decision, and ensures you don’t get more than you need to keep your floors clean.

Not all Robot Vacuum Features are Worth It

The capabilities of a robotic vacuum are wide and varied, but not all of them are strictly useful or necessary. The two most valuable added features to look for are self-recharging capabilities with auto-resume, and a programmable cleaning schedule. Auto-recharging means you don’t have to order your vacuum back to its charging station during use or in between uses.

When the battery reaches a certain level, the vacuum automatically returns to the charging station until it has reached 100 percent. After restoring its charge, the vacuum returns to cleaning once more, provided it has an auto-resume feature. This additional autonomy is well worth the additional cost, as it will allow you to safely and easily “set-and-forget”.

Program Set-and-Forget

Speaking of “set-and-forget”, it is usually best to invest in a robot vacuum that can be programmed to clean on a schedule, preferably when you or your household will not be home. The scheduling feature also allows you to get the vacuuming done daily without having to navigate around while it is cleaning. This obviously makes the noise issue less of a factor if it’s cleaning while you are not home. So, besides from its self-charging and auto-resume and programmable schedule. The most added features are more fluff than providing actual value and usefulness.

Who Should Get a Robot Vacuum?

tired of cleaning the home

"Vacuuming the home is still classed as a chore"

Many consumers will ask themselves this question “Why should I bother with a robot vacuum?  It’s a great question, but the answer isn’t always obvious. After all, traditional vacuums do offer more power. Which (albeit tied to a power cord), a robot vacuum can’t empty themselves.  You have to dump the dust canister manually anyway. Is it really a time saver? Will your floors be cleaner? The answer to both questions depends entirely on what model you choose.

And how you plan to use it, and the size of the room or rooms you intend for it to keep clean daily. The secret to happiness with any purchase generally lies in realistic expectations. Can a robot vacuum cleaner replace your upright? The answer is an unequivocal no. Will your robot vacuum keep your floor cleaner than an upright vacuum? The  answer is no yet again. Persons who wish to keep their floors immaculate on a daily basis. Who also vacuum multiple times per week. Will not see the same level of clean they currently maintain should they switch to a robot vacuum cleaner.

Realistic Expectations Of A Robot Vacuum

The expectations would be to give you back the time you spend each week vacuuming and cleaning. Keep the floors in your home looking as pristine and well-kept as your heart desires. It is primarily a time-saving maintenance device, not a self-propelled replacement for your current manually operated vacuum cleaner.  On the plus side, robotic vacuums do help maintain a higher air quality in your home by regularly sweeping up the dust and other allergens that accumulate throughout the week regardless of what type of flooring you have.


Will this be the future?

The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a robot vacuum is they are primarily designed to maintain a specific level of cleanliness for carpeting or hardwood floors without requiring owners to invest their valuable time into another upkeep chore. With a programmable robot vacuum, busy professionals can schedule the weekly vacuuming to take care of itself while they are at work, running errands or taking care of other chores around the house. All in all, robot vacuums are best for maintaining the weekly deep cleaning vacuuming performed by an upright to reduce the time you have to spend running a traditional upright vacuum around your home.

They won’t be replacing your upright any time soon, but they can save you a significant amount of time keeping things clean without spending hours pushing your vacuum the old fashioned way. They won’t be replacing your upright any time soon, but they can save you a significant amount of time keeping things clean without spending hours pushing around your vacuum the old fashioned way.

Different Types of Robot Vacuum

Since the inception of the iRobot Roomba in 2002, there has been a virtual explosion of various automated cleaners of every shape and size and for every imaginable floor cleaning purpose.These robot vacuums can vary widely in price dependent upon what features and capabilities they offer. Generally speaking, if you want the best robot vacuum with room mapping technology.

That also has multi-stage cleaning systems, and auto-dock-and-resume charging.  You are probably going to invest significantly more money than if you get a single room automatic cleaner. The good news is that automated floor cleaners fall into  about three categories: robot dusters, robot mops, and robot vacuum. Let’s take a look at what sets these categories apart:

Robot Dusters

These automated floor cleaners fall on the lower end of the feature and capability spectrum. They don’t provide as much suction or additional features like corner and molding brushes like the high end robot vacuums. Typically operate via a rotating electrostatic dusting pad or spinning bristle brush. Their cleaning mechanism essentially limits them to hardwood flooring or very flat carpet only.

Moreover, they have only basic obstacle avoidance systems, are not self-recovering. So can’t map rooms, and have to be recharged manually. In short, they have more in common with novelty cleaning items than actual fully automated robot vacuum cleaners. While they do keep cleaning until you turn them off or the battery dies, they are robots in only the most rudimentary sense of the word.

Robot Mops

Intended solely for use on hard flooring including laminate, hardwood or plank and tile. The Robotic mops have an additional cleaning mechanism that their robot vacuum counterparts lack. Due to the Robot mops way it's cleans your floors. By spraying a cleaning solution and then scrubbing/mopping the target area for a wet clean that gets up most sticky mess or debris that regular robot vacuums can’t  manage.

The multi-stage process involves vacuuming up dust. Then spraying the floor with cleaner, then mopping up the wet spots with rotating mop brushes to get your floor extra clean.If your hard floors don’t require a thorough sweeping or dusting before mopping. The robot mop may be a  good  solution for keeping your flooring pristine without any additional effort. Those looking for just a robot vacuum, may want to wait a bit before investing in a robot mop. Currently, most robot mops perform adequately as an automated vacuum but only so-so when it comes to mopping up a mess.

Robot Vacuum

Using a rotating bristle brush or bristles with plastic blades.  There are mobile suction machines pick up dust, dirt, and small debris on their own without the need for a human operator. 

Regardless of the type of flooring, a robot vacuums get the dirt up and collect it for you in their dust compartment. The more independent your robotic vacuum, the higher the price it will be. Likewise,  if you go in for special features like multiple cleaning tools, self-programming via automated room mapping, automated return and recharge protocols. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get a good robotic vacuum either though, but if you want superior performance and automation it is going to cost you.

 Price and Warranty

Pricing Structure for Robot Vacuum

When it comes to determining pricing, robot vacuums are always organized by tier according to how independently they can operate without input from a human user.The less you have to do with their day-to-day operation beyond programming them via a mobile device, the greater your retail cost. 

how much to pay for robot

Do you upgrade your vacuum or just have robot vacuum as additional help?

There are consumer whole-household models that run in excess of $1500 and can clean entire floors of furnished rooms independently via a single command on your tablet or smartphone.

While, the mid-range products are more modestly priced (typically $300-$600), but they are also more user-dependent and lack certain convenience features that require additional automated functions.

As far as low-end products go, you can find some decent values ( Vacuum under $200) with discount manufacturer or generic models. However, you are unlikely to get anything that performs well below the $300 price point.

Manufacturer And Extended Warranties

Depending on the manufacturer, warranties against manufacturer defect are range 1-3 years, and only cover failure of specifically covered parts. Read your warranty carefully, as you may be investing in a less expensive model. That has little in the way of warranty coverage beyond the first year of the robot vacuums operational lifetime.

It can also be both difficult and/or expensive to get ahold of parts for off-brand robotic vacuum cleaners.Therefore, as a general rule you may want to stick to major name brands if you intend to make a significant financial investment. 

Furthermore, if you plan on spending more on a robot vacuum, you may want to invest a little extra in an extended warranty.  Covering potential problems or damage most manufacturer’s warranties will not cover. Extended warranties also help you keep your appliance covered beyond the original factory warranty. Which will give you peace of mind in the event of a malfunction or breakdown. 

What Are The Best Robot Vacuum Features

​Automatic Surface Detection

Many robot vacuums have multi-directional sensors that detect if they are changing from carpeting to hard floor. If they are about to go over a precipice like the top of a staircase or the step between the kitchen and living room. For that reason, it can redirect the vacuum trajectory. But it's automatic surface detection also disengages beater brushes on hard floors. Therefore this is to prevent them from damaging or scratching hardwood floors and tile.

​Obstacle/Hazard Avoidance

As a general rule, robot vacuums don’t perform well when running over hazardous obstacles. Models with obstacle/hazard avoidance can detect if there is something in their path that would arrest their movement. And can prevent them from moving further. If such a hazard are detected, the vacuum automatically adjusts its course.  So to avoid the obstacle or hazard instead of attempting to roll right over it.

​Self-Correcting/Self-Righting Mechanism

Should your robot vacuum cleaner happen to get stuck or somehow flip itself over due to a hazard or unexpected obstacle. Its has self-correcting/self-righting mechanism can be activated to get your vacuum moving again. These are typically sliding gyros or weights that are controlled by the central processor and vibrated or moved rapidly to help the vacuum reorient itself or negotiate its way off/away from obstacles and hazards. 

​Automatic Recharging

If you don’t opt for any other high end features when purchasing your robot vacuum cleaner, at minimum get this one. The automatic recharging gives your robot vacuum the ability to return to its charging dock. When the battery level drops below a certain percentage. The vacuum will remain on the charger until it has completely regained its charge. And then will start a new cleaning cycle, allowing you to “set it and forget it.” This is definitely a must-have feature if you can find an auto recharging model that fits your budget. 

​Automatic Cleaning Cycle Resume

A commonly paired feature with auto recharging. Is that it's automatic cleaning cycle resume, let's your robot vacuum cleaner go back to where it left off when it stopped cleaning last to recharge or deactivate. Even if your robot vacuum doesn’t have a full charge when it begins a cleaning cycle. It will finish the cycle upon completing a charging cycle.

​Virtual Walls

Many robot vacuums come with virtual wall emitters that keep your robot vacuum operating in a specific area while cleaning. This is exceptionally useful if you have both carpet and hardwood floors with valuable or antique rugs covering them.While most robot vacuums can automatically adapt to whatever surface they need to clean, they are not designed for cleaning heavy rugs or delicate fibres.

​Wifi Enabled Programming

Controlling your robot vacuum from anywhere via the internet feels like magic, and integrated WiFi is one of the reasons that robot vacuums make us feel like we are living in the future. Anywhere your robot vacuum can get WiFi signal, you can control it with your smartphone or similar mobile device. Change the vacuuming schedule, update firmware and software, and refine mapping capabilities quickly and easily thanks wireless internet integration. It tends to only be included on pricier high end models, but it is a feature well worth having.

​Dirt Concentration Detection

This nifty piece of tech actually allows the vacuum to scan the floor ahead for heavier concentrations of dirt and dust. When heavy dirt is detected, the robot vacuum will increase the suction and beater brush power for a short time, allowing it to more effectively clean high traffic areas and more heavily soiled flooring with a brief “boost” of power.

​Advantages of Owning a Robot Vacuum

​Get Your Time Back

For many working professionals and families, time is as precious as money. Having to take time to keep the floor clean and other chores around the house. Can significantly limit time you could be spending enjoying more family time or multi-tasking.  Giving you the extra time to yourself. A robot vacuum takes another chore off of your already busy to-do list and gives you that time back to use as you see fit.

​Allows Users to Overcome Mobility Issues

Persons with disabilities or who suffer from limited mobility can take control of keeping their floors clean again with a robot vacuum.Thanks to their largely automated programmable operation, robot vacuums are ideal for anyone who isn’t able to operate a standard upright vacuum or cannot do so on a regular basis.

​Clean While You Are Away

Programmable robot vacuums can be configured to do the bulk of daily or weekly vacuuming when you are not home. Hence, allowing you to enjoy clean carpets and dust-free hard floors without enduring the hours of droning that come with a thorough vacuuming. 

​Less Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages to owning a robot vacuum is they are built to last for years with minimal upkeep or regular part replacement. Above all, they have the potentially to pick up any potentially damaging objects or debris promptly. So, replace dust collection bags on time, and keep filters and brushes clean according to the schedule recommended by the owner’s manual. 

​Boldly Goes Where No Vacuum Has Gone Before

Due to their smaller footprint and low profile, robotic vacuums can easily maneuver under furniture.  Also  into corners where standard vacuum cleaners can’t reach. You can easily clean everywhere thoroughly without having to move a single stick of furniture.  Even more, with the ravaging hordes of dust bunnies that normally congregate under sofas and under furniture can at last be kept at bay.

Privacy concerns

As the “internet of things” continues to expand with devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, internet TV, WiFi controlled appliances.  Seems like with the next generation home automation. We find more people are concerned about what data their internet devices may reveal to third parties without their knowledge. 

Robot vacuum cleaners with internet connectivity do store their floor mapping data online, and there has recently been controversy about whether robot vacuum manufacturers like iRobot could potentially release private data to third parties to further their marketing efforts for consumer goods. 

Security Measures

There is also the potential for less savoury persons to access a complete floor plan of a home.  This by hacking a robot vacuums memory and stealing the information to facilitate the commission of a crime as well. The good news for buyers is iRobot nor any other robot vacuum manufacturer currently releases or sells consumer data to third parties, and provided owners implement intelligent WiFi and internet security measures on their home networks, the risk of giving criminal enterprises any advantages is also remote at best.

​Care and Maintenance

Regarding the “care and feeding” of your robot vacuum cleaner, there is not much for you to do on a regular basis. When the collection bin is full, be sure to empty it out promptly and replace it. If your device uses dust collection bags, make sure they get changed out according to the owner’s manual recommended interval. 

Change any filters (HEPA or otherwise) according to the manufacturer's schedule in the owner’s manual. You will also need to clean out beater brushes and rollers from time to time. Generally it's once a month inspection to check if they are getting bogged down or wrapped up is sufficient. Robot vacuums are built to be independent and self-sustaining.  Therefore as a general rule there isn’t much more beyond these few tips that needs to be done to keep them in prime operating condition.

Recommended Best 10 Robot Vacuum Reviews

Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Programmable from any smartphone, Ecovacs Deebot N79 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start using a robot vacuum without needing to worry about a complex or difficult setup process. As far as dependability and intelligent automated cleaning goes, the N79 is a solid performer.  That's self configures with just a quick scan and a dry run of the rooms in your home.  

 Features - ECOVACS DEEBOT N79

All of which will save on its internal memory and in your smartphone. It’s even smart enough to avoid obstacles and drops on its own. The N79 works best on low and medium pile carpets and rugs, but it excels at cleaning hard surface floors. Travelling underneath furniture to thoroughly remove the dust and dirt that accumulate well out of reach for traditional vacuum cleaners.

Furthermore, the N79 has a HEPA-design air filter.  This can prevents captured dust, dirt, and allergens from being release back into the air via its exhaust port. All in all, the Ecovacs N79 is an excellent mid-tier model for anyone who is looking to save time and energy.  By having an automated robot vacuum handle daily or weekly cleanings for you.


  • check
    ​Sturdily built for superior durability
  • check
    Automatic obstacle and drop avoidance system
  • check
    Intelligent programming via smartphone app
  • check
    Auto re-charging when not in use
  • check
    100 minutes of 500 PowerAmp 


  • Does not have HEPA filter 
  • Suction may not be sufficient for larger debris and messes
iRobot ​Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Editor Rating:

As the original creator of the robot vacuum cleaner, iRobot has spent the intervening years since their first Roomba model perfecting robot vacuum technology.  Their current mid-tier Roomba 690 integrates wireless connectivity and programmable smartphone applications with their patented 3-stage cleaning system and multi-surface brushes.

The 690 is capable of detecting dirt ahead of its operating path and automatically adjust both suction.  Also its roller brushes to deal with the higher concentrations of dirt automatically before switching back to standard cleaning on its own. Additionally, the internal guidance system has numerous omnidirectional sensors that help guide it safely around obstacles. Like furniture in your home to prevent damage to the Roomba or your furniture and belongings.

Best of all, the Roomba 690 automatically adjusts the cleaning head between medium pile carpeting to hard floor on its own. While adding to both its independence and versatility after programming. iRobot is the first name in robot vacuum cleaners, and the Model 690 is definitely one of the best designs they’ve produced to date. 


  • check
    Built in wifi for easy remote programming
  • check
    Compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice 
  • check
    Integrated edge brush for cleaning along baseboards


  • ​Canister capacity is somewhat limited ad will need regular emptying
  • Battery life more limited than comparable models
​Eufy AK-T21041F1 RoboVac 11+

Editor Rating:

Sporting 1,000 air watts of suction, this versatile robot vacuum is powerful enough to clean even heavy carpeting with ease. The Robovac 11+ from Eufy is built to be durable, powerful, and smart enough to clean your entire home on a single battery charge.

The primary innovation that sets this self-driven robot vacuum apart is the third generation multi-brush cleaning system. Hence this allows it to quickly change direction without sacrificing cleaning power or losing contact with the floor or carpet. It also auto-adjusts between hard flooring and carpeting without needing to slow down or stop, thanks to its forward scanning surface sensors.

Most noteworthy, the Robovac 11+ also has a smart PowerBoost feature that kicks in when the vacuum encounters more heavily soiled flooring. This ensures that it leaves nothing behind as it passes over.

Not only does this get your floor cleaner, but helps prevent blockages when your Robovac hits a high traffic area.  In your home like a hallway or entryway. Overall, this is good choice for anyone who wants an automated vacuum.  But doesn’t want or need the smartphone or computer programmable features of higher end models.


  • check
    More powerful than other robot vacuums in its class
  • check
    Intelligent power boost 
  • check
    Auto-adjusts cleaning brushes 


  • ​Battery life is reduced when PowerBoost engages frequently
  • Not wireless
  • No HEPA filter 
​iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Editor Rating:

A top-tier robot vacuum from the premier manufacturer of robot vacuums. This iRobot Roomba 960 comes equipped with wireless connectivity, integrated voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. While a range of other high tech features. If you want the best quality and the best automated intelligence features, this is the Roomba for you.

iRobot has upgraded its standard auto-sensor systems on the 960 to improve both its obstacle avoidance and its drop prevention. This upgrade allows it to operate independently while cleaning. The entire floor of your home without falling down stairs or getting stuck on obstacles in its path. Furthermore, all functions of your 960 can be programmed with smart device app or via voice command. 

Additionally, the Roomba 960 has 5x the suction power of other models. This allowing it to easily loosen, clear, and remove dirt from even the thickest carpet. Even with all that power, it also features a 75 minute cleaning cycle on a single charge. Therefore it's smart enough to return to the charging station when its power gets too low. After recharging, the 960 will return to the last spot it was cleaning and finish the job. In contrast as far as high end robot vacuums go. Seems like you aren’t going to find anything with better quality and more features than the iRobot Roomba 960.


  • check
    ​Cutting edge object avoidance and intelligent guidance system.
  • check
    Smart auto recharge feature 
  • check
    Voice activation command 


  • ​Additional suction power means faster power drain when cleaning thicker carpeting
  • Charging base must be moved to the same floor for smart auto-return feature
  • Recharge cycle can take some time to get battery back up to full charge before unit continues cleaning.
​Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Shark has a long standing reputation for building high quality vacuum cleaners that are both innovative and reasonably priced. This foray into robot vacuums upholds their reputation for quality and value quite well. The Shark Ion Robot RV750 has quite a few extras most buyers would only expect from much more expensive models from high end manufacturers.

One of the most useful features of this model.  is it's ability to program and schedule your Shark Ion Robot RV750 directly from your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily. This versatile programming also extends to voice command controls via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This thanks to the built in Wi-Fi connection that allows your phone or tablet to talk to your robot vacuum anywhere it is connected to Wifi in your home.

Better still, the internal sensor suite allows the Ion Robot RV750 to navigate around obstacles detected in its path. Which help clean more thoroughly on dirtiest patches of floor.  As a result this shifts the cleaning mechanism from high to low cleaning mode when transitioning from carpet to tile or other hard flooring. Best of all, this robot vacuum is specially designed to deal with pet dander and hair without clogging or jamming. The Shark Ion Robot 750 offers more value over cost than just about any model in its class, and an excellent choice for consumers looking to get a mid-tier robot vacuum with some high end features.


  • check
    ​Programmable via Android/iOS app and can be voice controlled via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • check
    Brushroll is self cleaning and designed specially for cleaning up pet hair and dander
  • check
    60+ minutes of cleaning time


  • ​Requires bot boundary strips and is only intended for single room use
  • Less cleaning time than similar models in its class, no auto return feature for recharge
  • No integrated HEPA filter
Deik MT820 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

Looking for a good value on a robot vacuum that’s got plenty of power and features but won’t break your budget? Deik has you covered with their 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum cleaner. Not only is this model fully programmable, but it also has multiple cleaning modes and 1200 air watts of power to make sure that your carpet gets clean with every pass.

The primary benefit to this well designed, value priced robot vacuum.  That it is one of the only models in its price point that offers auto-return for recharging. Also advanced navigation features to help it keep on cleaning. This without getting trapped on obstacles or under furniture. Furthermore, it comes equipped with extendable edge brushes for cleaning hard to reach corners. And along baseboards, making thorough cleanup even behind furniture fast and easy.

Additionally, the Diek Robot Vacuum features a larger-than-average dustbin of 0.65L, giving you the option to empty the unit less frequently. It is also capable of spraying and mopping hard floor surfaces that are soiled thanks to its smart mop with the integrated sensor and water reservoir. Best of all, this model features a real washable HEPA filter to keep allergens and dust from spreading into the air via exhaust. If you need a robot vacuum that offers lots of features without costing an arm and a leg, the Deik Robot Vacuum definitely fits the bill.


  • check
    Smart mop feature 
  • check
    5 cleaning modes
  • check
    Intelligent guidance


  • No automatic boost
  • Not wireless
  • Less operational time than comparable models
ILIFE FBA_ILIFEA4S01 A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

An excellent and well designed entry level model, the iLife A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner.  It's a programmable automated vacuum that offers multiple high tech features. That are normally only found on much more expensive models. The sensor package on the A4S allows it to safely navigate around obstacles and avoid drops on its own while in operation. It can also navigate under beds, furniture, and other obstacles with ground clearance. 

Able to clean right to the edge of the walls and baseboards. Thanks to the integrated side brushes, cleaning those hard to reach corners is no challenge at all for the A4S. When your robot vacuum starts approaching the end of its 140 minute battery run time.  It will automatically return to the included charging station to top off before continuing its cleaning cycle. Another great feature, you can easily program a cleaning schedule.  

So that your iLife A4S takes care of the tedious chore of vacuuming your carpeting while you are out working or running errands. You don’t even have to be home in order to be extra productive. In many ways, this is one of the best value buys for a robot vacuum cleaner available today, especially if you aren’t looking for high end programming features that you may never use.


  • check
    ​Easy to setup and program via the included wireless remote.
  • check
    Auto return to charging base
  • check
    3-step cleaning system 


  • Does not integrate with voice command
  • Does not work with deep pile carpeting
ILIFE ILIFEV5SP01 V5S Pro Robot Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Need to mop and sweep up around the house? Don’t feel like spending all that time and effort doing it yourself? The iLife V5S Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner is the robot vacuum for you. This integrated wet and dry cleanup robot is capable of cleaning up dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris from carpeting as easily as it would a hard flooring surface.

Furthermore, when you put the V5S Pro in mop up mode on a tile or laminate floor, it will clean and scrub for you effectively and efficiently with just the touch of a button. In vacuum mode, the V5S Pro automatically adjusts the cleaning heads and roller brushes. This between carpet and hard floor mode as it moves throughout your home. Therefore cleaning up the accumulated dirt and debris on its own while you are free to take care of other more important tasks.

Even more,  the omni-directional sensor package allows the V5S Pro to manoeuvre around obstacles.  This avoid drops as it cleans your floors. Should the V5S Pro inadvertently become stuck. It has a self-righting mechanism to help it get free and get back to work. When the battery drops below a certain level, it returns to the charging base on its own.This to restore power before heading out again to finish cleaning. Overall, this is an exceptional value that offers high end features without the hefty price tag.


  • check
    ​Multiple functions with a separate mop mode for wet cleanup
  • check
    Intelligent guidance system with self-righting mechanism
  • check
    Auto-recharge feature when the battery starts to get low


  • ​Battery life significantly shorter than 120 minutes when not in Max mode.
  • Not smart device programmable
iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Currently one of the smartest and most powerful offerings from iRobot.  This Roomba 980 features Wifi connectivity and easy programming via their customized mobile app for tablets and smartphones. In addition to a more powerful motor than other models in this product line. This Roomba 980 also integrated edge brushes that get the dirt out of hard to reach places other robot vacuums simply cannot reach.

Run time for a Roomba 980 is up to 120 minutes on regular cleaning mode. it can automatically switch to Power Boost to help lift additional dirt, pet hair. Also other debris from even deep pile carpeting in high traffic areas of your home. Furthermore, thanks to the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization technology, the 980 can easily maneuver through an entire floor of your home.

This without becoming trapped on obstacles, falling off of drops, or getting stuck under furniture. Discerning consumers who want the very best available should definitely consider the Roomba 980.  But bear in mind that the higher quality, more intelligent guidance system, and more powerful motor and suction capabilities also come with a higher price tag.


  • check
    ​Incredibly powerful robot vacuum cleaner that can handle pet hair and high traffic area dirt with ease
  • check
    battery life of up to 120 minutes
  • check
    Smartest guidance and navigation system on the market today.


  • No integrated HEPA filter
  • Requires boundary sensors
Neato Botvac 945-0228 D5 Robot Vacuum

Editor Rating:

A unique offering from manufacturer Neato Robotics.  This Botvac D5 eschews the traditional round shape and offers a wider roller brush assembly than many robot vacuum do. This unusual design allow the D5 to clean faster and more efficiently with fewer circuits of the room. In addition to its width, the Botvac D5 also has a laser guidance system that maps the floors of your home. 

Which in turn automatically avoids obstacles while engaging additional suction and brush depth. Which is good for heavily soiled sections of carpeting or flooring. Additionally, thanks to its patented D-Shape and Corner Clever tech.  This D5 also excels at cleaning hard to reach places along walls and in corners. This is where most vacuums cannot reach without first moving furniture.

Therefore,  switching to a hose and crevice tool. As a result the D5 is ideal for cleaning up pet hair, dander, and other allergens.  Also dirt that reduces the air quality of your home. The Neato Botvac D5 definitely offers the best overall features and technology of any robot vacuum cleaner in its class.


  • check
    ​Extra-wide roller brush assembly
  • check
    Powerful suction 
  • check
    Laser guidance and mapping 


  • No washable HEPA filter
  • Max clean time is only 90 minutes

Best Robot Vacuum Winner of the Roundup!

Clearly, of all the robot vacuums reviewed, the best robot vacuum by far is the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79. This robot vacuum offers all the high end features of much more expensive models at a fraction of the cost. Its consistently performs well on most any type of flooring. Thanks to its advanced guidance and navigation system. And also wi-fi connectivity and voice control integration.The N79 is the best robot vacuum for keeping your flooring clean. Definitely give the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 a first look if you are in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, it is well worth the investment.

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