Best Dyson Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Best Dyson Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

The best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors is a tough decision to make. Dyson manufactures so many great models of vacuums, these appliances are well worth the price. This company is well-known as a higher-end manufacturer of vacuums, and you’ve probably seen the commercials on television. Dyson vacuums are everywhere, and the video demonstrations of these vacuums reveal a lot of loyal customers who love these machines.

Not only is Dyson a well-respected brand, but you have a ton of options within the Dyson family. You can get cordless vacuums for hardwood floors that run on lithium-ion batteries. You also have compact vacuums that move easily on the floor and rugged machines that have long dusting arms so you can reach high spaces. Vacuums that roll on the floor have the patented Dyson ball that allows you to move the appliance with ease around every nook, cranny and corner of your dwelling.

Now that you know what Dyson is all about, it’s time to pick a vacuum that suits your needs.

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Top 5 Best Dyson Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Reviews

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum

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The Dyson Ball multifloor canister vacuum has the patented ball design that makes this compact vacuum roll easily along the floor while navigating difficult spaces. The unique thing about this vacuum is that the turbine control is in the handle, which means you don’t have to bend down or step on a level to control the device. With just one push of a button, you control this vacuuming workhorse.

HEPA Filtration

The entire vacuum acts as a HEPA filter to trap dust, allergens and pet dander inside the canister while letting clean air back into your environment. The HEPA filter improves your air quality and reduces dust for later vacuuming chores. You might want to use this vacuum more often so you breathe better.

Easy Empty

The Dyson DC40 empties with the push of a button. Just take the canister off of the main body of the vacuum, and then push the button to release the canister’s lid as you hold it in a trash can. Gravity does the rest as the dirt falls free, and you don’t have to breathe in the dust that kicks up from the removal process. After that, you’re back to vacuuming within seconds.

Filaments for Floors

Soft, carbon-fiber filaments help release dirt and dust from hardwood floors. After the filaments release the dirt, the suction power of the patented Radial Root cyclone technology does the rest. The filaments are how the hardwood floor portion of this vacuum works.


  • check
  • check
    Easy-to-empty canister
  • check
    Trigger control
  • check
    Multifloor option
  • check
    5-foot-long suction hose


  • Louder than other models
  • Dyson no longer produces this vacuum
Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors

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The Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum is one of the best Dyson vacuums for hardwood floors because of its portability and versatility. If you have a small dwelling or high ceilings, this vacuum is a great addition to your home.


At just 11.6 pounds, this vacuum is one of the lightest on the market.

Even though it doesn’t weight a lot, the V6 Fluffy still has what it takes to suction up large bits of debris, pet hair and fine dust particles as you vacuum any surface in your home. LIghtweight construction means this vacuum breezes through hardwood floors quickly, but it also lets you get to surfaces above your head that require dusting. This vacuum is also great for underneath furniture, on the stairs and anything from floor to ceiling.

Several Tools for Versatility

This Dyson vacuum has several tools and attachments that make vacuuming your place easier. The crevice tool gets hard-to-reach corners, while a stair tool makes vacuuming narrow stairs easier. The duster attachment uses soft bristles to attract more dust and dirt to the contraption. In all, you have six attachments to make your cleaning day go by faster. There’s also a handheld mode for small jobs.

Battery Operation

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes of suction time, which is why this vacuum is great for smaller spaces. The vacuum can power up to maximum suction for up to six minutes at one time to get your dirtiest areas, so the suction power isn’t reduced as much compared to full-sized vacuums.


  • check
  • check
    Six attachments
  • check
    Sucks up dirt on just about any surface


  • Short battery life
  • Good only for small dwellings on short battery charges
Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson’s DC41 Animal Complete upright vacuum cleaner is, perhaps, the best overall vacuum for hardwood floors in this company’s arsenal. The DC41 forms the backbone of Dyson’s offerings to consumers.

Heavy Duty

Whereas the V6 Fluffy is lightweight and versatile for smaller apartments or flats, this model is heavy duty and works hard to clean your entire house in an afternoon. Nearly half of the vacuum’s hardware goes into the Radial Root Cyclone technology, and that cyclone forms the basis for Dyson’s entire line of vacuums.

Strong Suction

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete has plenty of suction to get large debris or fine dust particles. That’s the advantage to having a full-sized vacuum over a smaller one. This item costs more, but it does really well if you want to quickly clean an apartment or a full house.

Long Arm

The long wand reaches up nearly 5 feet over your head to reach high places. That’s ideal for getting drapes hung on windows, and it also collects cobwebs in corners of your ceiling. For the most complete clean in terms of a vacuum, the DC41 Animal Complete is your machine.


  • check
    Strong suction
  • check
    Five-year warranty
  • check
    Heavy-duty construction


  • Customers report it has trouble turning
  • Price, but worth every penny
Dyson DC39 Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson’s DC39 multifloor canister vacuum cleaner combines sleek design with heavy-duty suction. Consider this an in-between model from the DC41 Animal and the V6 Fluff.


As with all Dyson models, this one take Radial Root Cyclone technology to an art form and in a smaller package.

Many of the parts are in the ball, so this model is more compact compared to the DC41 animal although it weighs almost the same.

Long Hose

This model comes with a 10-foot hose to reach into every nook, cranny and crevice in your house. Just unattach the hardwood floor head and you have a nozzle that sucks up just about anything in its path.

Turns Easily

The ball technology makes this small vacuum turn easily so you don’t have to struggle with yanking the vacuum as you move along your hardwood floor. The ball also comes in handy as you use the 10-foot hose to reach behind furniture, above windows and into the corners of your ceiling.


  • check
    Moves easily
  • check
    Long hose
  • check
    Five-year warranty


  • Dyson no longer makes this model
  • Doesn’t come with attachments
Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson’s DC33 multfloor upright bagless vacuum cleaner is a value option for homeowners. It doesn’t have everything on the DC41 Animal Complete, but it delivers a solid performance for your entire house.

Very Long Wand

The wand extends nearly 16 feet, so you can literally reach three times your height away from you. There’s no more stretching, bending, straining or clumsiness as you thoroughly clean your house.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter traps allergens and micro particles, and that makes your home’s air cleaner and fresher. The HEPA filter lasts a lifetime because you simply wash it and the let it dry completely before the next use.

Large Bin

The DC33 canister on the bin holds 0.61 gallon of dust and dirt. Compare that to just 0.55 gallon on the DC41 Animal Complete. The suction power is rated higher on this model than the DC41 Animal Complete as well.


  • check
    Great suction power
  • check
    Large bin
  • check
    Five-year warranty
  • check
    HEPA filter for cleaner air


  • Heavier than comparable models
  • Not many tools

The DC41 Animal Complete wins this review because it has all the tools you need for a thorough, easy cleaning of your entire house. The model has a lot of attachments, strong suction, a large bin and moves easily. As the name suggests, this vacuum does well with pet dander and animal hair, whether you have a small cat or 10 dogs.

Dyson’s five-year warranty covers parts and labor for repairs. The heavy-duty construction backs up the warranty with world-class craftsmanship. If you want the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors, the DC41 Animal Complete represents your best choice. Yes, it probably costs more than other vacuums, but it’s worth every penny.

How to Choose a Dyson Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

How do you choose a Dyson vacuum for your needs among so many vaunted models? We have a handy guide for just such a purpose. Then we get into specific models for hardwood floors.

Size of Your Dwelling

The size of your dwelling determines the size of your vacuum. Dyson relies on canisters rather than bags to collect dust. If you have a large home, you want a larger vacuum so you don’t have to stop and unload the canister in the middle of your chores.

When you live in a small apartment or flat, smaller vacuums work great because you have less space and less room to move around when you have a lot of furniture. As you can imagine, a larger vacuum generally costs more than a smaller one.


The power of the motor determines the overall suction power of your vacuum. If you want a powerful model that sucks up a lot of dirt in one sweep, then you should buy a model with a higher horsepower motor. The caveat is that a vacuum with a more powerful motor probably costs more than one with a smaller motor.

However, you reduce the time you spend on vacuuming when you have a more powerful motor in your appliance. Either way, a Dyson appliance is worth your investment because of the workmanship behind each model. Keep in mind that larger motors generate more noise and use more electricity when they run.


The weight of the vacuum is one major consideration. If you have mobility issues or you can’t grip a vacuum very well, buy a smaller vacuum. Smaller models move more easily along the floor. You can also pick up lighter-weight vacuums more easily for when you need to go up the stairs, reach high places or scoot the vacuum a long distance across your floor.

Smaller vacuums also have a lower chance of scuffing your hardwood floors. Cordless models don’t even have a rolling portion to the vacuum, and the only thing that touches the floor is the nozzle.


Most vacuums come with tools, such as a crevice tool or an arm extension. Other tools include a dusting attachment or an attachment that helps with stairs. Choose a model like Dyson DC25 that fits your dwelling based on the types of attachments and tools the vacuum contains.

If you have high ceilings, an extension arm might be a good idea. With a lot of furniture, you probably need a duster attachment. If you choose a cordless vacuum, you might not need any attachments as these models do it all without a lot of weight.


Pets are another consider when you shop for a Dyson vacuum. Pets, such as dogs and cats, leave behind extra fur for the vacuum to pick up. The pet fur may make your canister fill up faster, and that, in turn, increases your time when you vacuum.

If you have pets, consider getting a larger vacuum with a stronger motor for more suction. The more pets you have, the more fur you collect in your vacuum.

Types of Floor

Dyson makes vacuums just for hardwood flooring, or you can get a multifloor vacuum that runs well and Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors, carpets and anything in between. If you plan on moving in the near future, a multi floor vacuum is a relevant choice because you may have some carpets in your new place. 

If you have a rug and you still want a Dyson vacuum that works just for hardwood floors, pull up the rug before you vacuum and clean the rug separately and outside of your dwelling.

Moving Parts

A vacuum that has more moving parts has a greater chance of breaking down. For example, if your vacuum uses a belt as part of an agitator, chances are good that the belt will wear out sometime during the life of your vacuum.

If that happens, you can replace the belt rather than buying an entirely new vacuum. You also have fans and motors with moving parts that can break down during operation. Cordless vacuums have much fewer moving parts compared to floor models.


A warranty also comes into play when shopping for a vacuum. The warranty varies depending on which Dyson vacuum you purchase. Some models have five-year warranties, while others have one-year warranties. The possible differences among models depends on what is in the vacuum.

Cordless vacuums might have shorter warranties because of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Vacuums with larger motors might have longer warranties because the motors last longer. The longevity of your vacuum also depends on how often you use and how long you run it when it operates.

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