best cordless vacuum for tile floors

Best Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floors – Guide and Reviews

Vacuuming your tile floor can feel like an endless chore, especially if you have deep cracks that the vacuum can’t get into. That’s why if you have a lot of floor tiles in your home, you should invest in a vacuum that can handle those tough areas.

There’s nothing worse than stepping on dirt you thought you had already vacuumed. If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum for tile floors, but are having a tough time deciding, than this review is for you. You’ll learn how to choose the right cordless vacuum for your tiled floors, So sit back grab a coffee and let's get started with the reviews.

Price Guide $ = $100, $$ =$101- $250, $$$ = $251 and up

Top 10 Best Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews

 Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Floor Nozzle

this vacuum includes a floor nozzle that allows you to clean different floor types quickly and easily. The electric brush roll can be powered on or off to accommodate your cleaning preference. For those with different types of floors surfaces in their home, this is an excellent option.


A vacuum that is light enough that you can carry it around with you anywhere. If you have tile floors on multiple levels, you won’t get worn out by carrying the vacuum around. It only weighs 6 pounds, which prevents arm fatigue when you’re using the vacuum.

Battery Powered

The vacuum is battery powered, which is handy for when you’re vacuuming your whole house. The last thing you want is to have a pesky cord in the way when you’re vacuuming. When the battery needs to be recharged, it will show on the battery indicator, letting you know how much time you have left.

Handheld Unit

This vacuum includes a handheld unit, which makes vacuuming a lot easier. You can reach all the corners and tough spots when you’re using the handheld part of the vacuum. If you’re tired of seeing crumbs in the corners, you can suck them up quickly and easily.


  • check
    Two vacuums in one unit
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Light indicator to see how dirty the floor is.


  • It may not pick up bigger debris
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Digital Motor

A digital motor makes the vacuum easy to use, and provides power to the head. You can vacuum over tile quickly and easily. Even if you have deep cracks in the tile, the vacuum will suck them up without a problem. You can rely on the vacuum to clean your tile.

Floor Tool

It Has a motorized floor tool which has carbon fiber brushes, which makes sucking up dirt and debris quick and easy. You can use the vacuum on hardwood, carpet, or tile, which is great for any home. The more you can do with the vacuum, the better off you’ll be.

Battery Powered

This vacuum uses lithium ion batteries, with a battery indicator to tell when it’s time to recharge the vacuum. It releases charges evenly when you’re vacuuming so it doesn’t die. It recharges faster than other vacuums, and you can vacuum your whole home before it needs to be recharged.

Robot Cyclone Technology

With robot cyclone technology it is designed to give you a powerful suction every time you vacuum. You can use the vacuum on any floor, and you won’t lose any suction power. It’s ideal for anyone that needs a reliable vacuum for their home.


  • check
    Good reliable vacuum
  • check
    Cleans quickly
  • check
    Has solid construction


  • It may be too heavy for some people
Bissell 2001 Hard Floor Expert Cordless Canister

Editor Rating:


Bissell vacuum is powerful enough to handle just about any amount of dirt you have on your floor. It includes a lithium ion battery, which helps you vacuum tight areas without needing to plug it in. The canister also provides a large place to store the dirt and debris away.

Long Run Time

You can use the vacuum for 45 straight minutes, which makes any chore easy and quick. You can use the vacuum on a single charge, which makes it better for those that need a good vacuum. You can have your whole home cleaned up quickly and easily on a single charge.

Fast Recharge

Even if the vacuum battery dies while you’re using it, you can recharge it quickly to get back to cleaning. It will fully recharge in about two hours, which is shorter than other battery operated vacuums.

Floor Tool

The floor tool is designed to pick up any dirt on any hardwood or tile floor, making it ideal for anyone with a messy home. You won’t spend a lot of time going over the same spots when you’re using the vacuum.


  • check
    Good to use on different floors
  • check
    It is quiet
  • check
    The battery lasts a long time


  • Hose connection could be better
Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum

Editor Rating:

High Performance

The vacuum provides excellent performance for anyone using the vacuum, and you can clean your floor quickly and easily. The vacuum will run for 20 straight minutes on a single charge. Not great, but not terrible for a vacuum that you don’t need to plug into a wall.

Detachable Handheld 

For those that need a smaller vacuum to reach the tighter places, this vacuum has a handheld version. You can use the handheld vacuum to get to tight corners, and pick up any debris you find on the floor.


This vacuum doesn’t require any bags, which is great for those that don’t want to spend any extra money. You’ll have consistent suction action when you’re using the vacuum. It’s practical for any homeowner.

Easy to Maneuver

The vacuum includes a 180-degree easy steer head that allows you to turn it around smoothly. You won’t have to back up, and take extra steps to vacuum your floor. Since you can hit every spot with the vacuum, your floor will be clean.


  • check
    It is lightweight
  • check
    It is durable
  • check
    The suction power is excellent


  • Could use a light on the head
Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Editor Rating:


The battery in the vacuum is rechargeable, making it practical for anyone to use the vacuum. You’ll have excellent suction power when you’re using the vacuum to clean your tile floors.


The vacuum is powerful enough to handle anything. Even though it is powerful, it is still lightweight. You can carry it around your home quite easily. It only weighs 7.5 pounds.

Two Speeds

It has two different speeds available for the brush rolls, making it ideal for any type of flooring. You can use it for carpet and hardwood floors, which is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile vacuum.

Precision Charger

With a precision charger provides a dock area to keep your vacuum in when you’re not using it. The vacuum will charge in four hours, which is practical for those that need to start vacuuming right away.


  • check
    Low profile head
  • check
    Two settings for different floors
  • check
    Docking station is practical


  • Can be tricky setting it up

Best Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floors

Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum, 1984

Editor Rating:

When looking for a battery operated cordless vacuum then this Bissell Air Rom could be just what you been looking for. It's light easy to maneuver and wonderfully useful. Let us start with its best feature the battery life as when using a cordless vacuum the runtime is one of the main considerations.

Runtime 40 mins

So this vacuum from Bissell has 40 mins of fade free power, basically meaning if you can vacuum your home in that time frame, it won't need charging halfway through your cleaning which is a significant benefit.


The vacuum design is for a range of surfaces such as hard surfaces and area rugs this making it an ideal cordless vacuum for tiled floors. It's especially useful in the kitchen and bathroom where there is no power supply. This lightweight and compact weight less than 8lbs, and is only 1lb weight in use.

It has a LED light which is handy for illuminating floor areas so you can see dust and dirt more effectively. It's easy to empty the dirt bin.. It's done by a slider that pushes the dirt directly into your waste bin. The handle is collapsible which makes this vacuum flexible and very easy to store.

This is What You Said...

This cordless vacuum cleaner goes smoothly from hardwood or tile floors to area rugs and carpets. It runs on a 22V Lithium-ion battery and has the power to spare. Emptying the collection bin is very straightforward and simple. You can also easily remove the roller for use on loose rugs, or fringed rugs. The price compared to that of other similar models makes the Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum for tile floors a bargain. I shopped for this product by reading reviews and where this model was highly rated. It was a portion of the price of a Dyson, although the Dyson can convert to a handheld unit and includes tools both lacking on this Bissell model.


  • 45 minutes runtime
  • bright "headlight."
  • machine is powerful
  • No dirtbags
  • handle collapses for storage
  • Cleaning the filter is very simple


  • Quality is questionable
  • does not convert to a stick for crevices
  • Be careful around wires on floor

best cordless vacuum cleaner for tile floors

Eureka NEC122 PowerPlush Cordless Hard Floor Stick Vacuum

Editor Rating:

This 2-1 cordless tile vacuum has removable hand vac and is ideal for cleaning your entire home. With a soft plush brushroll and powerful suction, it's flexibility around the home in hard to reach areas including drapes and stairs. With it's easy to empty dust cap and anti-allergen filter capturing microns down to 0.3 and dust particles up to 99.5% it makes this cordless vacuum for tile floors a safe bet for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

Wall mount Station

The battery runtime is a modest 15-20 mins on a tile floor or hard surfaces, this time is reduced down on carpeted areas. The vacuum has a battery indicator light on the control panel of the unit which lets you know how much charge is remaining. There is a wall mount station for storage and charging the Eureka PowerPlush Cordless vacuum. The hand vac allows connecting with crevice tool enabling you to walk around with the unit to get in all the small nooks and crannies inside your home. All the filter parts are washable, and once thoroughly dry will still perform with optimal suction power.

This is What You Said...

For starters keep in mind, this is not an all-purpose vacuum, and the plush brushroll is only intended for hard floors. I mainly use Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors in place of sweeping my hard surfaces and as a cordless vacuum for tile floors since typical vacuum rollers don't do as well to pick up small granular pieces. The roller is limited to hard surfaces, but the vacuum is versatile as a handheld too. It's surprisingly lightweight which makes it comfortable to use.


  • small and lightweight
  • turns into a handheld vacuum
  • handy when cleaning the upstairs
  • great in the kitchen and tight spaces
  • light with good suction
  • removable rechargeable batteries


  • brush roller is limited to hard surfaces 

best dyson cordless vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

Next up the Dyson V7 motorhead powered by the Dyson digital motor. This model has 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum and is considerably cheaper than the V8, which seems to be the best-priced model price wise. Great suction, however, the battery lasts for only 6 mins on max suction, and 20 mins in normal mode. 

hygienic trap style dirt bin

This Dyson Cordless Vacuum handheld mode will give a total of 30 min of regular suction power. The transformation into handheld makes this ideal for furniture, pet hair removal even cobwebs in high areas of the home. This lightweight Dyson V7 is cord free and comes with a convenient docking station with a hygienic trap style dirt bin emptying system, so you don't need to touch any of the dirt. The bin capacity is 0.14 gallons. Great cordless vacuum for tiled floors

This is What You Said...

Just what I needed. Very useful low noise and so light. I use it if I drop anything. Before I used to get the brush out well not anymore. It is easy to
empty and to clean. It has plenty of autonomy that I can clean my 1400 sq foot home in one go. I seldom use the powerful suction as have tile floors and only need just on mats where my kitty sleeps to pick up the hair and on the cat trees. The only downfall is that the other tools are not connected to the hub of the vacuum, so sometimes I must stop it to get the other tools. But this is a very trivial downside. Also, you must keep your finger on the button to keep it on.


  • has the power of a corded vacuum
  • suction is really good
  • really like the trigger system
  • used to do the whole house
  • convenient it is to store


  • No warning for battery running out
  • Not great on thick pile carpet

2-1 Flexible cordless vacuum for tile floors

Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

Next is another 2-1 cordless vacuum from Roomie a less known brand, however, with good reviews let's take a look. It's a lightweight vacuum at only 2.1lb making it easy to carry around the home without the pain of the cord. Its high power motor will run continually for 23 minutes on a single charge, this with a 2200mAh Lithium battery. The 2-1 feature of this cordless vacuum cleaner, give a flexible approach to cleaning furniture, stairs and car interiors. 

The Roomie has 6 -LED lights for illuminating under sofas and beds. The vacuum comes with an auto charging station and tools for the handheld device consisting of a crevice nozzle. The cordless vacuum fold down neatly for easy closet storage.

Features at a glance
Power: 100W
Max Suction: 6.5 kph
Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
Working time: 23 min, approximately
Charging time: 4-5 hour
Unit Weight: 2.1 lb / 4.5 lb
Dust Bin: 0.5 L
Power Adaptor: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

This is What You Said...

Love it. Was amazed that I was able to use this Cordless Vacuum on all my Tile Floors and carpets and it's, a 3 bed 2 bath, and still have 2 battery bars lit up. Popped the little guy out of its "floor" body and went to town on all the window sills in handheld mode. It's fantastic and really does have decent suction. Very easy to empty and I like that the internals of the canister pop apart so simple to get rid of all the hair etc. that clogs everything up most of the time. Super easy to use, looks nice and fills so many little needs.


  • Super easy to use
  • excellent suction power
  • work fine on high pile carpets
  • charges easily
  • Handheld vacuum to clean my car.
  • the body is flexible against the base


  • empty the canister can be tricky
  • the filter can be difficult to align 

Budget cordless vacuum for tile floors

Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:

At just under 3lbs this low profile design Tineco cordless vacuum is a smart 2-1 cleaner. Its four staged filtration system is fully sealed making it ideal against allergies. The suction has an impressive 110watts of power and runtime of up to 25 minutes in regular mode.

If you use the Max power output, it will perform for a max of 7 mins in deep clean mode. The battery can be updated in the future which will rejuvenate the vacuum after years of use. The Tinoco converts into a handheld for drapes and blinds and hard to reach areas, as well as upholstery and can be used on car interior. The dustbin empties by a single button.

It has a cleaning path of over 10 inches which has LED to help is darker floor areas like under furniture and beds. There is a model Tineco A10 Master which comes with a second battery and two heads.

This is What You Said...

This cordless vacuum works much better than other brands I bought before. It's cordless, so I don't have to switch to different outlets while I'm cleaning in several rooms. There is light on the head of the cleaner, which I found very helpful because it can show me precisely where the dirt is. And it can solve the "hair dilemma" in my rooms. The hair will be vacuumed and curled onto the pipe at the end of the handle, which then can be quickly taken off. Really worth the cash!


  • works much better than top brands
  • battery lasts enough to clean up 2000 sqft
  • work fine on high pile carpets
  • It comes with a carpet brush and power tools
  • Handheld vacuum to clean my car.
  • HEPA is easily accessible and rinse


  • small dust container
  • No wall mount

While vacuuming your tile floor can feel like an endless chore.  You can combat the amount of dirt that builds up. If you’ve been lying awake at night, wondering how you’re going to get your whole house cleaned up, fear not. If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum for your tile floor, we recommend the Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum. It has everything you need, it works on any type of flooring, and Shark is becoming a powerhouse in the vacuum market. While you may not like the flashing light, you’ll love using this vacuum to clean your home. 

How to Choose the Best Cordless Vacuum for Tile Floors


You should consider the design of the tile vacuum before deciding on one. Upright and canister vacuums are the two most popular choices, and they perform quite well on tile floor. Stick vacuums are good if you have a of furniture on your tile floors, but they are not as powerful.

Depending on how much space you have on the tile floors, you’ll find that one design works better than the others. You can also find handheld vacuums that work great for smaller areas, like under countertops and furniture. When you’re deciding on a vacuum, make sure you find one that will work for tiled floor you want to clean.


The weight of the vacuum is an important decision, especially if you need to walk around your house with the vacuum. Handheld vacuums are going to be the lightest, but they don’t have the power that other vacuums have. A stick vacuum will be light, which is good if you need to vacuum a lot of tile.

An upright vacuum will be heavier than a stick, but your floor will be mostly clean. A canister vacuum is going to be the heaviest, but it does provide excellent cleaning power you won’t find with another vacuum. Once again, you should consider how much tile you will need to vacuum. The Tile cleaning Robot vacuum are starting to reduce down your cleaning times, more so on hard floors. 

Tile Type

There are two types of tiles which are glazed and quarry tiles, and when you’re looking for your vacuum, you want to make sure you get one that won’t damage the tiles. Not only should you worry about not damaging the tiles, but you consider how much effort you’ll need to clean the tiles.

Glazed tiles are going to be easier to vacuum and clean, whereas quarry tiles are going to take more effort. You can also get some accessories to help you clean out your quarry tiles, as well, but you will need to set aside some extra funds. Make sure the vacuum you get won’t damage the tiles when you’re vacuuming.


A vacuum is only as good as the power it delivers, so you should consider how powerful you want your vacuum to be. When you’re vacuuming tile, you need to make sure the vacuum is powerful enough to clean up the grout. Even though you may think your vacuum is powerful enough to pick up the small areas of the grout, you will be surprised if it doesn’t. It’s better to ensure the vacuum will pick up any dirt in the grout, and off the tile. While most vacuums do provide enough power, you want to make sure the vacuum will work in those tight areas.


The head of the vacuum is where the dust and debris are going to be sucked up. You want to make sure the head is durable enough to handle the harder wheels and edges. Most carpet vacuums have a head that is strong enough to handle the brushes, but vacuums for tiles are going to need a different feature.

You would be better finding a head that is more durable, and lose out on some suction power. After all, you can take a few passes back over the area to make sure it is clean. It’s cheaper than having to buy a new head for your vacuum.


Using steam or floor from your vacuum can make a huge difference when you’re vacuuming tile. Some vacuums have a feature that will shoot water out onto tile, allowing you to vacuum up everything. Steam is an excellent option because the tile will handle it easily, and it picks up the dirt without any effort.

If your home tends to get dirt all over the floor, using a steam cleaning feature will make your floor sparkle and shine. Since tile is more durable than other types of floors, you don’t need to worry about destroying the tile. More information here on HEPA filters and a great post why you need the filter


You want to make sure you find a vacuum that is in your price range, which can help you decide which vacuum is right for you. When you’re creating a budget, you should consider what features are included with the vacuum, and whether it can do everything you need.

You should also consider any accessories that you may need for the vacuum. Looking around and getting an idea of a vacuum will help you decide which is the right one for you.

Extra Helpful Note:
If you are look for cordless vacuum for laminate floors check this review. More on the NEW! cordless Hoover stick vacuum reviews here. 

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